New York Times - Jul 11 2021

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Clues Answers
'Cut it out!' STOP
'Gay' city in a Cole Porter song PAREE
'How was ___ know?' ITO
'Mea culpa' MYBAD
'Mon ___!' DIEU
'The Adventures of Milo and ___' (1989 film) OTIS
'Well, golly!' OHGEE
36-Down's anagrammatic nickname MRMOJORISIN
Abrogates REPEALS
Activity for some pen pals EMAILING
Actress Polo TERI
Admit (to) COP
All together ENMASSE
Angry Wisconsin sports fans? MILWAUKEEBOOERS
Appetizers filled with potatoes and peas SAMOSAS
Art of riding and training a horse DRESSAGE
Autobiography subtitled 'The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban' IAMMALALA
Bands you might listen to in the car? AMFMRADIO
Bathroom cabinet item RAZOR
Biting TART
Bob Marley's '___ You Be Loved' COULD
Bruins legend Phil, to fans ESPO
Cake topper ICER
Call at home SAFE
Campaign (for) STUMP
Campaign pros POLS
Campania's capital NAPLES
Certain bridge positions NORTHS
Chicken ___ (discontinued fast-food snack) MCBITES
City council representative: Abbr ALD
Colorful food fish OPAHS
Constellation almost above the North Pole DRACO
Contradict BELIE
Cred REP
Cyber Monday offerings DEALS
Davis of 'Thelma & Louise' GEENA
Defendant's plea, for short NOLO
Determination GRIT
Dramatic accusation at a dentist's office? YOUCANTHANDLETHETOOTH
Eaglelike? UNDERPAR
Fire sign? SMOKE
Fizzle (out) PETER
Fork point TINE
Getting 'Amscray!' under control? TAMINGOFTHESHOO
Giveaways during some pledge drives NPRTOTES
God who 'loosens the limbs and weakens the mind,' per Hesiod EROS
Goddess of the dawn EOS
Grammy-nominated D.J. Steve AOKI
Greet the day ARISE
H ETA purchase ECARD
Icelandic saga EDDA
Île be there? MER
In a sense, colloquially SORTA
Increased, with 'up' RAMPED
Irish writer Behan BRENDAN
Itself: Lat IPSO
John Winston ___ Lennon ONO
Join with rings WED
Kind of wonder? ONEHIT
Lacking self-assurance UNPOISED
Law enforcement, slangily POPO
Like n, where n = 2k (and 'k' is a whole number) EVEN
Like yoga instructors LITHE
Little, to a Scot SMA
Clues Answers
Long past OFYORE
Lunchtime liaison NOONER
Many a marble bust TORSO
Mark in the World Golf Hall of Fame OMEARA
McEachern a.k.a. the 'Voice of Poker' LON
Miscellaneous task ODDJOB
Neighborhood where you might get kimchi, for short KTOWN
Not gross NET
Not overlooked SEEN
Obama chief of staff Emanuel RAHM
Odysseus' wife whispers sweet nothings? PENELOPECOOS
One in a hundred: Abbr SEN
One of the Earps WYATT
One of the Jacksons LATOYA
Onetime White House inits DDE
Onus for a magician's disappearing act? BURDENOFPOOF
Opposite of 'takes off' DONS
Pablo Neruda's '___ to Wine' ODE
Party animal? DONKEY
Port on the Black Sea ODESSA
Power of a cowboy's shoe? BOOTSTRENGTH
Precipitous STEEP
President Bartlet of 'The West Wing' JED
Professor 'iggins ENRY
Pronounced with authority SAIDSO
Pulitzer-winning playwright from Independence, Kan INGE
Put in other words RESTATED
Red card HEART
Reply to an oversharer TMI
Resets to zero, as a scale TARES
Reveals BARES
Rock star who wrote the poetry collection 'The American Night' JIMMORRISON
Salt's musical partner PEPA
Seriously annoys, with 'off' TEES
She might take care of a kid on a sick day DRMOM
Singer Astley RICK
Smile with one's eyes, per a modern coinage SMIZE
Smudge BLOT
Some fencing swords FOILS
Something to leave to beavers? DAM
Something to play fetch with STICK
Spanish 'that' ESO
Spongy toys NERFBALLS
Sports broadcast feature SLOMO
Stickers BURS
Storied cauldron stirrers HAGS
Study of how gels gel? GOOPDYNAMICS
Tajikistan, e.g., once: Abbr SSR
They'll put you head and shoulders above everyone else STILTS
Thomas ___ Edison ALVA
Tora ___, Afghanistan BORA
Total-itarian? ADDER
Twitter handle starter ATSYMBOL
Unagi, at a sushi bar EEL
Vaper's purchase ECIG
Wealthiest professional sports org THENFL
What the doctor ordered DRUG
Where 'khop jai' means 'thank you' LAOS
Where Johnny Cash shot a man, in song RENO
With wisdom SAGELY
Word following English or green LIT
World's oldest alcoholic beverage MEAD
___ Gilbert, co-developer of a Covid-19 vaccine SARAH
___ Khan, prime minister of Pakistan beginning in 2018 IMRAN
___ paneer (dish with puréed spinach) PALAK
___:// HTTP