- Jul 10 2021

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Clues Answers
#4 most spoken language worldwide HINDI
''Helm hard'' direction ALEE
''Look!'' in Latin ECCE
''Love Train'' R&B group OJAYS
''We've come back before!'' ITSNOTOVER
Academic department (for short) that's a homophone of one of its subdivisions (for short) SCI
Archie Comics hangout MALTSHOP
Backdrop of the book ''Into Thin Air'' EVEREST
Battled HADAT
Be a passenger RIDE
Begin hastily JUMPINTO
Bit of wit MOT
Bites lightly NIPSAT
Blackjack winner ACEJACK
Bonding candidate ATOM
Bordeaux buds AMIS
Company request, essentially IMALLALONE
Devoted a whole show to, say SALUTED
Devoted attention TLC
Discussion for all OPENDEBATE
Disinclined to vote APOLITICAL
Dolly's ''I cannot compete with you'' woman JOLENE
Double-arc shape LENS
Engendered eventually LEDUPTO
Excluding SAVE
Face covering WATCHGLASS
Ferrari supercar designation GTO
Flock leader PASTOR
Folk art metalware TOLE
Gazelle's small cousin DIKDIK
Goddess well-regarded by Athenians IRENE
Handled SAWTO
Having fun HAPPY
Holds back DAMS
Holiday alternative RAMADA
Clues Answers
In the public eye SEEN
Intense impact SLAM
It may be burning DESIRE
Jurassic carnivore ALLOSAUR
Kung fu, for example DISCIPLINE
Look that's not so nice LEER
Make it BED
Many a first-time voter TEEN
Marquez title SENOR
Moby-Dick, e.g SPERMWHALE
Monumental A ANNO
Name that looks like a number LIV
Neat state ORDER
Raven relative MERL
Region known for tea and silk ASSAM
San __ Bay (L.A. inlet) PEDRO
Securer of some cargo NET
See 21 Down DOTS
Shaving in the kitchen POTATOPEEL
Show watched by Spanish learners TELENOVELA
Solar panel unit WATT
Sport scored electronically EPEE
Straddled unstably TEETEREDON
Take __ (sample some) ASIP
Totally taken RAPT
Unfluctuating EVEN
Unimprovable, as an estimate SPOTON
Urgent plea to act DOIT
Vaccine development facilitator RNA
Verb in a lifeguard test battery TREAD
Want no part of DETEST
Whom Bart's pal has a crush on LISA
With 11 Across, design on some dresses POLKA
Would-be clone APER