- Jul 9 2021

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Clues Answers
''Pink Panther Theme'' soloist SAX
''Pomp and Circumstance'' composer ELGAR
About three-fourths of Russia ASIA
Accomplished DONE
Appear ominously LOOM
Auto racer's concern REVS
Become well-known ARISE
Big name in video visitation ZOOM
British singing star ADELE
Capital of Delaware DEE
Charged (with) TASKED
Constantly EVER
Crafter's cutter XACTO
Definitive denial NOSIR
Disney channel ABC
Donut shapes TORI
DVR giant TIVO
Electronic bookmark URL
Encouraging word AMEN
Errol Flynn, by birth TASMANIAN
Event including snowboarding XGAMES
Except for BAR
Exodus 12 fare MATZO
Falstaffian OBESE
Fast-food fare SODA
Flaunt one's funds LIVELARGE
Former money in Malta LIRA
Fringe group CULT
Fry day staple SOYBEANOIL
Get-better regimen REHAB
GPS figure LAT
Homes for alligators NESTS
Ideologies ISMS
Inside look XRAY
It preceded Apple and Microsoft in desktop publishing XEROX
It's made to go around you BELT
Kind of concrete PREMIX
Lamb sandwich, perhaps GYRO
Clues Answers
Major US defense contractor ITT
Many moms of millennials XERS
Mark, as some ballots XIN
Marvel peacekeepers XMEN
Medicinal shipment SERA
Medieval adult beverage MEAD
Metallic fabric LAME
Moving company offerings FLATRATES
Murkiness GLOOM
Nag, nag, nag CARP
One with an ID USER
Podded plant OKRA
Presidency, often ERA
Prozac alternative XANAX
Ritual affirmations IDOS
S.O.S rival BRILLO
Scraped (by) EKED
Slow-moving exercise YOGA
Sneery sound SNORT
Something to shampoo RUG
Source of Achilles' strength STYX
Space starter ASTRO
Space starter AERO
Spruces (up) SMARTENS
Stage accessory LAPELMIKE
Stella McCartney's mom LINDA
Tablet reading EBOOK
Temple, in the '30s CHILDACTOR
Textile fiber source FLAX
Unoriginal one APER
Waistless dress ALINE
Wee ones TOTS
What custards contain YOLKS
What some small businesses may not take AMEX
Wimbledon's official timekeeper ROLEX
Woman or man NOUN
Work on a wall MURAL