The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,675 - Jul 8 2021

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Clues Answers
Any power may come from guns etc WEAPONRY
Any promotion reported to be needed for group of nine? ENNEAD
Arachnid ruined crop in heavenly place SCORPION
Birds in the morning rising with bird noises MACAWS
Buddhist school has an area providing female accommodation ZENANA
Cite a Fascist leader stammering ADDUCE
Cluster of flowers in spring, ten in Versailles SPADIX
Conservative is entertained by group of stars showing prejudice RACISM
Dessert left out May's neighbour's tucked into in naive fashion JEJUNELY
Extremely useful source of water, all right? VERYWELL
Fabric in room is about to be put on ceiling CHALLIS
False son cherished -- father ultimately coming out SPECIOUS
French island has unknown shrub with prickles ILEX
Friend's call making further play impossible MATE
Gather for voting -- with it gaining external victory WHIPIN
Geordie Socialist, say, embracing one nymph NEREID
Clues Answers
Guarding hard border HEDGING
Having a spat? Agreed to differ about the thing looked for GAITERED
In the manner in which greedy types will get clams to eat QUAHOGS
List of players joining United MENU
March at the match may be this -- control, we hear, is needed BRIDAL
Mountain climbing on rope that can be eased PLACABLE
My French wine, cold according to order? MONASTIC
Nothing wrong with the last thing that is used for a soup? OXTAIL
Obscure work -- a search with street cleared OPAQUE
Philanthropist seen heading off fiddling with cigar CARNEGIE
Philosopher said 'Shut up!' LOCK
Recorded as being cut down and processed? LOGGED
Rushed, being worried -- always getting blocked in CAREERED
Servant chucked, no good with security device FLUNKEY
Spooner's card game ruined, proving to be a trial DUMMYRUN
Wax from a can manipulated with a rub CARNAUBA