L.A. Times Daily - Jul 8 2021

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Clues Answers
"Fantastic!" SUPER
"The Burning Giraffe" artist DALI
"__ no surprise" ITS
Agent REP
Anticipates ... or, phonetically, what's found in puzzle answers of more than 10 letters FORESEES
Antique photo color SEPIA
Authorize ALLOW
Barge unit TON
Based on sound reasoning TENABLE
Beautify ADORN
Bibliography abbr ETAL
Cabbage option RED
California's __ Verdes Peninsula PALOS
Came out with SAID
Carol contraction TIS
Cheri of "SNL" OTERI
Chopped pie filling MINCEMEAT
Christian house of worship in Egypt COPTICCHURCH
Cleaning crew item RAG
Climber's endeavor ASCENT
Cold shoulder SNUB
Color TV pioneer RCA
Contest involving letter placement BEE
Contractor's no EST
Deal with ADDRESS
Decks, briefly KOS
Division word INTO
Fashion magazine since 1945 ELLE
Go after, in a way SUE
Grace word BLESS
Guitarist John who played with Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake SYKES
Hard-to-find group RAREBREED
Hardly at all ABIT
Historic shrine ALAMO
Hitchcock's "__ Window" REAR
In this way THUS
Lab activities TESTS
Lapel attachments MICS
Leaping grab of a would-be homer, say CIRCUSCATCH
Clues Answers
Legal suspension STAY
Locale of the surfing mecca Sunset Beach OAHU
Many tax software users EFILERS
Many-headed monster HYDRA
Marine predator ORCA
Meadow LEA
Michaels of "SNL" LORNE
Minor error SLIP
NFL's Browns, on sports crawls CLE
Northern glacial formation ARCTICICECAP
Numeric prefix OCTA
On topic APT
Parma parting CIAO
Parting word in Paris ADIEU
Parting, or half of one BYE
Press down SMUSH
Seed covering HULL
SiriusXM channel 5 tune, say OLDIE
Six-time NBA All-Star __ Gasol PAU
Sleep study letters REM
Some pipe joints ELBOWS
Souvenir of a Black Forest vacation CUCKOOCLOCK
So__ CAL
Standard salary BASEPAY
Thumbs-up vote YEA
Tony Blair, by birth SCOT
Touch and others IPODS
Treaties PACTS
Uncouth fellow CAD
Unspoken TACIT
Villainous look LEER
Word with place or door MAT
Wound cover SCAB
Y amenity GYM
Youngest March sister AMY
__ de Cologne EAU
__ room REC
__TV: Turner channel TRU