New York Times - Jul 8 2021

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Clues Answers
'Antiques Roadshow' determination WORTH
'Buona ___' SERA
'Hamilton' won one in 2015 OBIE
'Look what we have here!' WELLWELL
'Su-u-u-ure' IBET
'Warm' NEAR
'___ Father ...' OUR
2001 Broadway hit with an exclamation mark in its name MAMMAMIA
A word in passing? YEA
Baseball, e.g ORB
Basket made from behind the arc TREY
Beethoven, to Haydn STUDENT
Best in a film audition, say OUTACT
Big speedway sponsor STP
Certain flag position HALAMAST
Cheese that's often grated ASIAGO
Coffee liqueur originally from Jamaica TIAMARIA
Collect dust SIT
Composer Bartók BELA
Conductor Georg SOLTI
Creature whose eyesight has four to five times the acuity of humans EAGLE
Dazzle WOW
Ending with some large numbers AIRE
Eroded, with 'away' ATE
Fashionable ALAMODE
Feeling 'Whew, that was close!' RELIEVED
Figure in a horror film WOLAMAN
Funny Poundstone PAULA
Guiding light BEACON
Intertwine ENLACE
It can be two-way ... with a hint to four squares in this puzzle RADIO
It's always getting into hot water TEABAG
Jules who lent his name to an article of attire LEOTARD
Libel or slander TORT
Like some museum exhibits ONLOAN
Like tom yum soup THAI
Look lecherously OGLE
Clues Answers
Low island CAY
More egocentric VAINER
More slick, in a way OILIER
Nashville-to-Louisville dir NNE
Not amplified, in a way OFAMIKE
Not catch MISS
One of the 'Big Four' domestic carriers, once TWA
One who has spent years at sea OLDSALT
Onetime record label with a poetic name ODE
Oppressive boss OVERLORD
Piano performance in an old music hall RAG
Progressive people? AGENTS
Puts on top of ADDS
Rich, but not born that way SELAMADE
Salaam, e.g BOW
Sections of online dating profiles BIOS
Set down on paper, as music NOTATE
Sets down on paper WRITES
Short shorts HOTPANTS
Slipped ERRED
Some change COINS
Some women's donations OVA
Something to meditate on YOGAMAT
Sound a biker doesn't want to hear SSS
Specialty of Franz Schubert ARTSONG
St. ___, neighborhood in north London ANNS
Standing STATUS
Strike caller UMP
Symbol of strength OAK
Things that may be classified ADS
Thor, for one AVENGER
Town tour guides AREAMAPS
Upper: Ger OBER
Very beginning? VEE
Windfall BOON
Wrap up ENFOLD