The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8638

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Clues Answers
African country UGANDA
Bird of swallow family House martin
Came down LANDED
Collie perhaps SHEEPDOG
Eg, spinach, kale GREENS
Fast pace for horse GALLOP
First batsman; utensil OPENER
Friend PAL
God of love EROS
Greet; pay tribute to SALUTE
Hard and lengthy task long haul
Honest; undiluted STRAIGHT
Interlaced structure MESH
Clues Answers
Lacking courtesy DISRESPECTFUL
Line of latitude PARALLEL
Line of rotation AXIS
Not achieved or realised UNFULFILLED
NZ bird KIWI
Powdered grain MEAL
Protein fraction of blood plasma gamma globulin
Ramblers HIKERS
Sheet of window glass PANE
Softer part of nut KERNEL
Strange person WEIRDO
Vigorous scuffle TUSSLE