- Jul 7 2021

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Clues Answers
''. . . happily __ after'' EVER
''A mouse!'' EEK
''Bedtime'' reading STORY
''Don't __ stranger'' BEA
''Steady as __ goes'' SHE
'70s Swedish pop-music foursome ABBA
Alcoholic apple beverage HARDCIDER
Analyze very closely PARSE
Any thing of value ASSET
Back tooth MOLAR
Become indistinct BLUR
Big name in cars OTIS
Bridal covering VEIL
Budgetary shortage DEFICIT
Capital of Jordan AMMAN
Deceptive scheme RUSE
Descriptor for #1 song oldies SOLIDGOLD
Doesn't eat FASTS
Dragon's den LAIR
Emerges victorious WINS
Equal to a task ABLE
Exchange-affiliated broker MEMBERFIRM
Eyelid hair LASH
Fairy tale monster OGRE
Fire dept. first responder EMT
Former abbr. for Russia USSR
Fortunate one, informally LUCKYSTIFF
Government agents, for short FEDS
Great poker pair ACES
Hardly any FEW
Humpty Dumpty-like OBESE
Hurried along SPED
Implied but unsaid TACIT
Joint covered by a sock ANKLE
Lack of difficulty EASE
Leaves speechless AWES
Loosens, as a bow UNTIES
Clues Answers
Main idea GIST
Makes a misjudgment ERRS
Mango-shaped OVAL
Melted, as metal FUSED
Mirror reflections IMAGES
Move to and __ FRO
Movie theaters CINEMAS
Nothing more than ONLY
Old Testament vessel ARK
Olden days YORE
On an ocean voyage ATSEA
One evading responsibility BUCKPASSER
One of Santa's assistants ELF
Overexertion result ACHE
Parking lot slot SPACE
Phi __ Kappa BETA
Pint-sized TEENY
Place that serves uncooked seafood RAWBAR
Promote, as a product PLUG
Pub game DARTS
Read rapidly SCAN
Reduce drastically SLASH
Remove from a memo DELETE
Rental agreement LEASE
Resides DWELLS
Slangy abundance SLEW
Something you must do OBLIGATION
Stars and Stripes shade BLUE
Taken by mouth ORAL
Textile colorings DYES
Theater presentation PLAY
Tip of a boot TOE
Tomatoes, in food fights AMMO
Turkish official of the past PASHA
TV award EMMY
Wander around ROAM
Winged symbol of peace DOVE
Winter resort gear SKIS
___ Vice President (title for Harris) MADAM