Wall Street Journal - Jul 7 2021 - Service Animals

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Clues Answers
“April is the cruellest month” poet ELIOT
“Beat it!” SCAT
“Studio One” episode, e.g TELEPLAY
1805 symphony later “retouched” by Mahler EROICA
1979 #1 hit for the Bee Gees TRAGEDY
51-Across, for one INSECT
AirPods effect STEREO
Alerts from HQ APBS
Avid enthusiast GEEK
Bar focus LAW
Bordeaux bud AMI
Career RACE
Choreography, essentially STEPS
Cloud stuff DATA
Comet feature ANTLER
Course cry FORE
Creature on the mask of Tutankhamen COBRA
Defib expert EMT
Dish with rice noodles PHO
Drone stabilizer GYRO
Dull, in a way MATTE
Edmund Pettus Bridge location SELMA
Esteemed figure IDOL
Fam member SIS
Feature of many a Monet painting POND
Finish off, as a dragon SLAY
Five-time U.S. Open champ GRAF
Flex, in modern slang BRAG
Grandiloquence GAS
Grave marker? ACCENT
Grimace inducer PAIN
Hull stabilizers KEELS
Humble response ITRY
Isn’t anymore, maybe WAS
It may be fine ART
Jacket choice TWEED
James’s co-star on “The Sopranos” EDIE
Journal unit ENTRY
Clues Answers
Lode bearing ORES
Métier AREA
Major frankincense exporter OMAN
Mechanical process ROTE
Nessie’s home LOCH
Not so skimpy AMPLER
NPR’s Totenberg NINA
Peacock ancestor, in a sense RCA
Perfumery container VIAL
Present HERE
Press URGE
Princess Charlotte, to Harry NIECE
Produkt von Löwenbräu BIER
Published in installments SERIAL
Pugilist’s service animal? BOXINGTURTLE
Push through EXPEDITE
Quartet voice ALTO
Quick drinks NIPS
Scheme of Gray’s “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard” ABAB
Schwab worker ADVISOR
Scrap TOSS
Send off MAIL
Shortstop’s service animal? FIELDINGMOUSE
Show some grit DARE
Soldier’s service animal? MARCHINGHARE
Sound of merriment GUFFAW
Spitball sound SPLAT
Stadio Olimpico city ROME
Subs for ACTSAS
Subsequent ENSUING
Takes in EYES
Tepid response SHRUG
Up to this point YET
Wetlands waders EGRETS
Worker in a garden BEE
Writer’s service animal? DRAFTINGHORSE
You, in many a hymn THEE