L.A. Times Daily - Jul 5 2021

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Clues Answers
"I claim that!" DIBS
"If u ask me ... " IMO
"Just as I thought!" AHA
"Killing Eve" channel BBC
"No dessert for me today" IMONADIET
"No thanks" PASS
"The years just zip by!" TIMEFLIES
"Thor" actor Idris ELBA
"What __ you looking at?" ARE
''I wanna try!'' LEMME
180-degree reversal UTURN
Actor Epps OMAR
Actress Vardalos NIA
Blending of one hue to the next, from the French for "shaded" OMBRE
Classic dog name FIDO
Clothing GARB
Coffee or tea DRINK
Country singer McGraw TIM
Crystal ball gazer SEER
David Muir and Lester Holt NEWSMEN
Dog in Oz TOTO
Dominate in competition OWN
Dough for spanakopita FILO
Draws to a close ENDS
Dwarfed, with "over" TOWERED
Edge of a glass RIM
Enjoyed immensely ATEUP
Farmland measure AREA
Fashion designer Saab ELIE
Fashioned after ALA
Fella BUB
Finished, as a deck STAINED
Formal objections PROTESTS
Friendly dog greetings WAGS
Get big on Twitter TREND
Grammy winner India.__ ARIE
Hunt for bargains SHOP
Clues Answers
Invite to enter ASKIN
Iwo __ JIMA
Kind of salad named for a NYC hotel WALDORF
Landfill emanation ODOR
Light in a socket BULB
Like strung guitar strings TAUT
Love, in Lima AMOR
Lyft patrons RIDERS
Make a dent in MAR
Mister Rogers FRED
Mister, in Mumbai SRI
Ocean froth SPUME
Ole Miss rival BAMA
One who scoffs at Bud, perhaps BEERSNOB
Overtime round, e.g. ... and what a black square acts as for the circled words? TIEBREAKER
Passed-down stories LORE
Perform better than OUTDO
Planets, in poems ORBS
Ralph Kramden's pal EDNORTON
Random criticism POTSHOT
Regrets RUES
Ritzy California beach city MALIBU
Ski resort trails RUNS
Smooth engine sound HUM
Smooth engine sound PURR
Sought-after celeb ALISTER
Springsteen's __ Band ESTREET
Stinging insect WASP
Support for a side plank exercise ARM
Tax evader's comeuppance IRSAUDIT
The Chicks or ZZ Top TRIO
Tick off MIFF
Ticks off IRKS
Used WhatsApp, say IMED
Very beginning GETGO
Very long stretch EON
Warning after a slice FORE
__-mo videos SLO