The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,712 - Jun 26 2021

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Clues Answers
Additional craft recalled by one-time partner EXTRA
Again wait on book RESERVE
Approach filthy place on the outskirts of Lille STYLE
Are in retreat, like one's neighbours? NEAREST
Army securing large essentially superior case for weapon HOLSTER
Characteristic of drink of beer with nothing in it POINT
Check on the French set of data TABLE
Declined rubbish diamonds REFUSED
Dishonesty mostly in government houses LYING
German citizen's fast food HAMBURGER
Handle fellows with primarily tactful management TREATMENT
Lost and found note with too much inside FORGOTTEN
Most insignificant website regularly supporting insult SLIGHTEST
Notions partly guide assistants IDEAS
On the radio, feeble pretence FEINT
Pave with stones and waterproofing material PITCH
Clues Answers
Portion of pastry dish with starters of chicken and egg PIECE
Presence of virus; confine it somehow INFECTION
Problematic posers for university academic PROFESSOR
Rising dust storm continued LIVED
Shaver's strangely gone rusty YOUNGSTER
Sprite's pretty unknown FAIRY
Stick with cold response one's covered up with lip CRITICISM
Style of music in clubs Callas is performing CLASSICAL
Superlatively gloomy day ship set out DARKEST
Tranquil, in the main? PACIFIC
Trembling, chant about winter in Paris SHIVERING
Unable to part, detective leaves unseen INVISIBLE
United over Yankee god DEITY
Unusually precise instructions RECIPES
Version of totalitarianism LA star rejected as fake IMITATION
Worry of short show before noon CONCERN