New York Times - Jul 5 2021

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Clues Answers
'Ready, ___, fire!' AIM
'___ mention it!' DONT
43,560 square feet ONEACRE
Actor Elwes CARY
Actress Lohan of 'Mean Girls' LINDSAY
Angry shout to a miscreant WHYYOULITTLE
Ares and Apollo, to Zeus SONS
Attire for the Mario Bros. or the Minions OVERALLS
Bar mitzvah reading TORAH
Be lenient with GOEASYON
Blender setting PUREE
Butter unit PAT
Camrys and Corollas TOYOTAS
Challenges for dry cleaners STAINS
Cheese-on-toast dish RAREBIT
Co-star of TV's 'Maude' BEAARTHUR
Consumer protection org BBB
Curtain DRAPE
De-clump, as flour SIFT
Dull brown, as hair MOUSEY
Electrified weapon TASER
Employer of Norah O'Donnell CBSNEWS
Facial feature of Disney's Goofy BUCKTEETH
Fashion STYLE
Fed a line to CUED
Fictional detective Nero WOLFE
Garden tool with a long handle HOE
Grand Ole ___ OPRY
Had a home-cooked meal ATEIN
Insect that can carry up to 50 times its body weight ANT
Low opera voice BASSO
Make do COPE
Makes amends (for) ATONES
Many a sacrifice play in baseball BUNT
Marine inhabitant that's an animal, not a plant, despite what it's called SEACUCUMBER
Clues Answers
Negative media coverage, in brief BADPR
Nightclub CABARET
Observation satellite EYEINTHESKY
Olio di ___ (bread dip at a trattoria) OLIVA
Only Spanish city to host the Olympics BARCELONA
Open-air rooms ATRIA
Org. with missions to Mars NASA
Out of kilter AWRY
Padre's sister TIA
Peeved states SNITS
Place to buy gifts for kids TOYSHOP
Place to store valuables when traveling HOTELSAFE
Prince who married Meghan Markle HARRY
Put back in the suitcase REPACK
Service charge FEE
Shape on a winding road ESS
Shawn Carter for Jay-Z and Tracy Morrow for Ice-T REALNAMES
Snapchat transmission, for short PIC
Sobriquet for Simón Bolívar ELLIBERTADOR
Swollen mark WELT
The Bronx or Brooklyn, informally BORO
Tiny drink SIP
Top Olympic prizes GOLDS
Triangular sail JIB
Ugandan tyrant ___ Amin IDI
Undergraduate's declaration MAJOR
Vulgar, as some humor RAUNCHY
Water: Fr EAU
What a maxi dress reaches ANKLE
What can barely give a hoot? OWLET
Wide receiver ___ Beckham Jr ODELL
Yale collegian ELI
Yale URL ender EDU
___ de Triomphe ARC
___ mater ALMA