L.A. Times Daily - Jul 4 2021

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Clues Answers
"Broken Arrow" co-star ANSARA
"I guess not" NAH
"L.A. Law" actress DEY
"Likewise" SODOI
"That was a brutal workout!" IMSORE
"Well done!" NICE
"When Will __ Loved?": 1975 hit IBE
"__ Burr, Sir": song in "Hamilton" AARON
'60s protest gp SDS
*Bank transaction CASHDEPOSIT
*Editorial comment TEXTSUGGESTION
*Fast talk from the on-deck circle BATTERSCHATTER
*Offenbach output OPERAMUSIC
*Online dating coup TINDERMATCH
*Part of a school kid's allowance LUNCHMONEY
*Solid piece of security hardware STRONGLOCK
*Tough talk tension easer ICEBREAKER
*Traveler's aid PACKINGLIST
Advice from a loser? DIETTIP
AL West team, in crawl lines LAA
All together ASONE
Aquafina alternative DASANI
Belgian lager, familiarly STELLA
Best-of-seven MLB semifinal ALCS
Bethlehem university LEHIGH
Bond's car starter? ASTON
Brain and spinal cord, initially CNS
Break in the theater ENTRACTE
Capital NE of Vientiane HANOI
Caspian Sea land IRAN
Channel with a gate SLUICE
Church branch SECT
Cold sound AHCHOO
Completely wraps ENCASES
Concert memento STUB
Cranberry source BOG
Crossword constructor's job CLUING
Cupid counterpart EROS
Dashboard nos RPMS
Deli array MEAT
Doctor's order DOSAGE
Dora the Explorer's Isa, e.g IGUANA
Double-dog action? DARE
Exxon, formerly ESSO
Family card game UNO
Family tree fill KIN
Flintstones time STONEAGE
Four Holy Roman emperors OTTOS
French film festival site CANNES
Glitzy genre GLAM
Govt. accident investigator NTSB
Greek salad topper FETA
Group __ HUG
Guilty feeling REMORSE
Intro to physics? ASTRO
It's been shortening for over a century CRISCO
It's not butter OLEO
Jet Ski rival SEADOO
John David, to Denzel SON
Kaley who played Penny on "The Big Bang Theory" CUOCO
King known for his wealth CROESUS
Last word in a popular drinking game PONG
Laundry units LOADS
Local bond, briefly MUNI
London driver's unit LITRE
Love letters? XOXO
Making a case for STATING
Man with a World DISNEY
Marcus partner NEIMAN
Clues Answers
Match in a studio SYNC
Mil. training site OCS
Mississippi River explorer DESOTO
More faithful TRUER
Movie industry reps: Abbr AGTS
NE syst. with 64 campuses SUNY
Nice turndown NON
Night sch. awards GEDS
Not a good review PAN
Not for kids, filmwise RRATED
Olympics event since 1964 LUGE
Onboard assent AYE
One in a bust NARC
One with dreads RASTA
Orange soda brand SUNKIST
Overhead storage ATTIC
Paper-saving party announcements EVITES
Part of una semana DIA
Picketing ONSTRIKE
Pioneering DVR TIVO
Plastic __ Band ONO
Pocatello-to-Provo dir SSE
Poi source TARO
Prefix with -zoic CENO
Put back in a seat REELECT
Put one over on DUPED
Queequeg's captain AHAB
Rainforest rodent AGOUTI
Raisman with three Olympic gold medals ALY
Rd. map lines RTES
Removed SHED
Reviews of books AUDITS
Rhinitis docs ENTS
Run-down area SLUM
Scoreboard figs STATS
Secular LAICAL
Serengeti antelope ORYX
Seuss critter in socks FOX
She's no pro ANTI
Sheet material PERCALE
Shipping supply that links the answers to starred clues BOX
Shrinking retailer KMART
Singer with a Best Actress Oscar CHER
Slack-jawed look GAPE
Snobbish attitude AIRS
Snowballs in a fight, e.g AMMO
Solution measures TITERS
Songwriters' org ASCAP
Space race initials USSR
SSW's opposite NNE
Studio picture taker TVCAMERA
Subject of a 2021 packet shortage CATSUP
Sudden spike UPSURGE
Take advantage of USE
Tattoo canvas SKIN
They might be holy TERRORS
They're beaten in kitchens EGGS
Trident-shaped frat letters PSIS
Unlikely GoFundMe donor MISER
URL addresses IPS
Uruguay's Punta del __ ESTE
Vannelli of pop GINO
Wash. neighbor OREG
Watson who played Hermione EMMA
Webmaster's code HTML
Weed killer HOER
Wells race of the future ELOI
Winter transport SLED
Woman on the Sistine Chapel ceiling EVE
Word in a Latin love poem AMO
Works on a route TARS