New York Times - Jul 4 2021

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Clues Answers
'Chill out!' RELAX
'I'm glad to hear it' GOOD
'MacGyver' actor Richard ___ Anderson DEAN
A fan of INTO
A mighty long time AGES
Actor who was once crowned 'America's Toughest Bouncer' MRT
Actor Wilford of 'The Natural' BRIMLEY
Actress Blanchett CATE
Airport info, for short ETD
Any member of BTS, e.g TEENIDOL
Apathetic UNCARING
Apply sloppily DAUB
Apt anagram of GIFT TGIF
Art gallery tour leader DOCENT
As compared to THAN
As much as UPTO
Ashleigh ___, 2019 French Open champion BARTY
Auditory : sound :: gustatory : ___ TASTE
Auspice OMEN
Bacteriologist's emotion upon a new discovery? CULTURESHOCK
Big name in lawn care TORO
Birth control options IUDS
Brazilian beach made famous in song IPANEMA
Brio, to Brits VIGOUR
Brownish-gray DUN
Bursts in on RAIDS
Cable option for film buffs TMC
Castle door destroyer RAM
Cat's emotion while sitting in its human's lap? CREATURECOMFORT
Clownish ZANY
Column of boxes on a questionnaire NOS
Coming or going ENROUTE
Commercial lead-in to Clean OXI
Complete set of showbiz awards, for short EGOT
Death Valley was once one LAKE
Delicious food, in modern slang NOMS
Dionysian ritual ORGY
Drink with tapioca pearls BOBATEA
Duchess of ___ (Goya model) ALBA
Easy as pie ACINCH
Eat (at) GNAW
Eddie Murphy's org. in '48 Hrs.' SFPD
Egypt's Sadat ANWAR
English-speaking ANGLO
Estrogen or testosterone HORMONE
Evil genie's emotion? BOTTLEDUPANGER
Famous toon with a Brooklyn accent BUGSBUNNY
Farmer's emotion during a dry season? GROWINGCONCERN
Finished a hole PUTTED
Fired up ROUSED
Follow OBEY
Glib PAT
Gusto ELAN
Hair loss ALOPECIA
Hard-to-please type DIVA
Haul away TOW
Hits the paper airplane icon, perhaps SENDS
Home mixologist's spot WETBAR
Huge tub VAT
Identified, in Ipswich LABELLED
Interior design DECOR
It's full of hot air SAUNA
It's way above the recommended amount MEGADOSE
Jess's best friend on TV's 'New Girl' CECE
Jester's emotion after the king's laughter? COMICRELIEF
Jumping the gun RASH
Justin Timberlake's former group NSYNC
Kind of tire RADIAL
Clues Answers
King's collaborator on the Grammy-winning blues album 'Riding With the King' CLAPTON
Lesser-known song DEEPCUT
Lifelike video game, for short SIM
Like 'American Pie,' 'American Psycho' and 'American Beauty' RATEDR
Like Eeyore DOUR
Like Ignatius J. Reilly in 'A Confederacy of Dunces' OBESE
Like sports fans who paint their faces, say RABID
Maker of Regenerist skin cream OLAY
Many, informally LOTSA
Massage therapist's substance HOTOIL
Modern reading option ... or where to read it? NOOK
Mongolian shelters YURTS
More, on a music score PIU
Move from aisle to window, maybe RESEAT
N.Y. tech school RPI
New Mexico art hub TAOS
Nobel pursuit?: Abbr SCI
Notation on a party invite BYOB
Novice window-washer's emotion? HIGHANXIETY
Old-style copies MIMEOS
One might take you in CONARTIST
One of his paradoxes claims that two objects can never really touch ZENO
One who's able to rattle off digits of pi, perhaps NERD
One-named winner of the 2021 Grammy for Song of the Year HER
Oppose DEFY
Pay with a chip-based credit card, perhaps TAP
PC support group ITTEAM
Peach relative APRICOT
Pellet shooter BBGUN
Powerhouse in international men's ice hockey SWEDEN
Proposed portrait for the $20 bill TUBMAN
Putin's parliament DUMA
Quiets down ABATES
Really play that saxophone WAIL
Recent delivery INFANT
Regarding ASTO
Relentlessly competitive OUTTOWIN
Rescue dog, e.g ADOPTEE
Responded to the alarm AWOKE
Result of a snow day NOCLASS
Run off (with) ELOPE
Scathing review PAN
Scotland's ___ Lomond LOCH
Silk Road city near the East China Sea NINGBO
Sleeping spot for a guest, maybe AIRBED
Some H.S. yearbook staff EDS
Some recyclables CANS
St. Cloud State University's state: Abbr MINN
Staves off AVERTS
Subpar athletic effort BGAME
Take the next step in an online relationship MEET
The Gettysburg Address, e.g EULOGY
Theatrical award OBIE
Took steroids, informally JUICED
Turn over CEDE
Upbeat sentry's emotion? GUARDEDOPTIMISM
What '10' might mean: Abbr OCT
What Kit Kat bars come in TWOS
Wheel of Fortune's place TAROT
When said three times, hit song for 46-Down BYE
Wild horse's emotion? UNBRIDLEDJOY
Willem of the 'Spider-Man' series DAFOE
Wine: Prefix OENO
Winter Olympics maneuver AXEL
Youngest recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor FEY
___ Building, Boston's first skyscraper AMES
___ facto IPSO
÷ symbols, in typography OBELI