Universal - Jul 2 2021

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Clues Answers
"I wish I had that!" feeling ENVY
Ancient Greeks, e.g., religiously PAGANS
Assert CLAIM
Big bags SACKS
C in chemistry class? CARBON
Certain IRAs ROTHS
Closes the door on SHUTSIN
Covers with rolls of grass SODS
Damage MAR
Dessert for the kittens who found their mittens PIE
Destroyer destroyer TORPEDO
Difficult to climb STEEP
Easter egg event HUNT
Egg-cooking aid TIMER
European peaks ALPS
Everything ALL
Eye part with rods and cones RETINA
Fan's words to a TV camera, perhaps HIMOM
Far from full-size MINI
Feeling crummy ILL
Freeway drivers' options LANES
Grassy layer TURF
Had for lunch, say ATE
Half a Latin dance CHA
Head gesture NOD
Holding a grudge BITTER
In plain view OVERT
Informal assent YEAH
Instinctual drives LIBIDOS
International economic disparities TRADEGAPS
Kanga's child ROO
Kite-flying obstacle TREE
Legendary Norse sea monster KRAKEN
Makes impossible PRECLUDES
Clues Answers
Move like a butterfly FLIT
Multiple fish, in Italian PESCI
Not imaginary ACTUAL
Not very spicy MILD
One may wear a quiver ARCHER
One of 95 for Martin Luther THESIS
Perceived visually SAW
Phys. ed. sites GYMS
Piece of footwear with a blade SKATE
Pig's home STY
Pius VIII or Urban VIII POPE
Plucked Indian instrument SITAR
Private jets, corner offices, and others PERKS
Rainbow shape ARC
Ready for a refill EMPTY
Remove from a package UNBOX
Roadies' burdens AMPS
Roman clothes TOGAS
Round of applause HAND
Sailor's place SEA
San Francisco's ___ Hill NOB
Skydiving need PARACHUTE
Sound made with two fingers SNAP
Speakers' fees HONORARIA
Take in, as a dog ADOPT
Throws around STREWS
Turning points in ballet? TOES
Unclothed NUDE
Upper undergarment BRA
What you need to solve a crossword on your phone APP
When not to interrupt a jazz soloist? MIDRIFF
When to decide on a lover's suitability? POSTDATE
When to read Luke and John? POSTMARK
When to wish a tennis player luck? PRESERVE
When you actually had to call people? PRETEXTS
Wicked force EVIL
Woman whose help is requested in a Beach Boys hit RHONDA
Word before "money" or "moon" NEW
Your and my OUR