USA Today - Aug 13 2021

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Clues Answers
'Bang-bang boogie' song by the Sugarhill Gang RAPPERSDELIGHT
'Have one!' TRYIT
'I am VERY happy you gave me this catnip' PURR
'Iliad' setting TROY
'Into it!' YES
'Panini' singer Lil ___ X NAS
'___ All That' (Addison Rae movie) HES
'___ we cool?' ARE
Academic reviewer, sometimes PEER
Anger IRE
Angry speech TIRADE
Be disloyal to BETRAY
Break down grammatically PARSE
British nobility title BARON
Chain with a cowboy hat logo ARBYS
Colored part of the eye IRIS
Come across as SEEM
Come together UNITE
Compete like Andre Horton SKI
December holiday spirit CHRISTMASCHEER
Drag queen ___ Kofi TIA
Dryer fuzz LINT
Evil intent MALICE
Feeling blue SAD
Fix illegally RIG
Furbaby PET
Gamer with no experience NOOB
Garden pest APHID
Gave the thumbs-up OKED
Get moldy, perhaps ROT
Giggle syllable HEE
Great Lake that borders Ohio ERIE
Gyms for judokas DOJOS
Have the nerve DARE
Hit the turntable like Tiff McFierce SPIN
House for campus bros FRAT
Howling desert canines COYOTES
Clues Answers
It's often grabbed during a slam dunk RIM
Itsy-bitsy TINY
Lose your cool PANIC
Make do COPE
Make do GETBY
Memory slip LAPSE
Miami's Biscayne ___ BAY
Monte ___ sandwich CRISTO
Not very much ATAD
Old T-shirt, maybe RAG
Pennsylvania university, for short PITT
Perfume sample bottle TESTER
Place for a rubber duckie BATH
Place for a sarcophagus, sometimes CRYPT
Place to enjoy a salt scrub SPA
Really long times EONS
Recovers from an injury HEALSUP
Remove curse words from, maybe EDIT
Sacred bird in ancient Egypt IBIS
Scissors sound SNIP
Sound during pollen season ACHOO
Spanish title SENORA
Spheres ORBS
Spiky desert plants CACTI
Star of 'The Queen's Gambit' ANYATAYLORJOY
Stayed out of sight HID
Strictness RIGOR
Subject of CRISPR editing GENE
Tax documents RETURNS
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Text the wrong person, say ERR
This, that and the ___ OTHER
Top card in a royal flush ACE
TV room DEN
Vacation cottage, maybe RENTAL
What a guest might sleep on SOFABED
You might wrestle with it ARM
Young boy LAD