Universal - Jul 1 2021

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Clues Answers
"Always Comfortable" mattress maker SERTA
"Break a leg," for one IDIOM
"C'___ la vie!" EST
"Code Switch" station NPR
"Lights out" bugle call TAPS
"My bad!" OOPSY
"Swanky" Spice Girl POSH
"This ___ over!" ISNT
"Understood" GOTIT
"Who, me?" MOI
*"Circles" singer POSTMALONE
*#LikeAGirl commercials, e.g SPOTADS
*Declines to participate OPTSOUT
*Fire safety phrase STOPDROPANDROLL
*Leprechauns' troves POTSOFGOLD
Actress Aduba UZO
After taxes NET
Asian capital on the Red River HANOI
Atmospheric gas OZONE
Big ___, California SUR
Brought to one's ___ (trounced) KNEES
Camera's "eye" LENS
Cat or ferret PET
Celebrity STAR
Circus structure TENT
Cochlea's organ EAR
Conductor ___-Pekka Salonen ESA
Deadlock IMPASSE
Degree higher than an M.A PHD
Dogs that clean themselves like cats AKITAS
Dosage amts MGS
Dressed for cuddling INPJS
Environmental devastation at human hands ECOCIDE
Exercises using the crisscross technique, say JUMPROPES
Experts PROS
Falcon claw TALON
Fate, quaintly LOT
Green New Deal rep AOC
Clues Answers
Green pasta sauce PESTO
Green stuff on a log MOSS
Hand-holding, e.g., briefly PDA
High score for a gymnast TEN
Hockey disks PUCKS
Illness often treated with exposure therapy: Abbr PTSD
Jazz pianist Earl HINES
Jennifer who had a No. 1 album and movie in 2001 LOPEZ
Kosher, in Islam HALAL
Like some rail fare pricing ZONAL
Mama of '60s music CASS
Mix with a spoon STIR
New Deal prez FDR
One may be dropped in conversation NAME
One might kibitz about a klutz YENTA
Overly TOO
Partner of "haw" HEM
Printer need TONER
Rights, as a wrong ATONESFOR
Rubbish receptacle BIN
Savings options, briefly CDS
School grp PTA
Scrape (by) EKE
Seek favor from PLAYTO
Simile center ASA
Skateboarding leap OLLIE
Skunk's defense SPRAY
Speed for many cinematic showdowns SLOMO
Sporty vehicles' roofs, and a hint to the starred answers' first words CONVERTIBLETOPS
Sterling example? POUNDNOTE
Thoroughly evaluate VET
Thurman of "Kill Bill" UMA
Tribute involving insults ROAST
Ungraceful person OAF
Way, way out AFAR
What lets you mix and match? DATINGAPP
___ cat (rich donor) FAT
___ milk (vegan drink) OAT