- Jul 1 2021

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Clues Answers
''I'm angry!'' GRR
''On the Road'' narrator SAL
Apple desktop IMAC
Blender brand OSTER
Certain cracker topper EDAM
Certain keeper's concern INN
Chalet setting ALP
Conniving SLY
Deep sleep COMA
Domicile ABODE
Endower of an L.A. art museum GETTY
Engagement symbol RING
Equal ARE
Explosive in a maritime metaphor PETARD
Fasten securely LASH
Flower girls, often NIECES
Flue protector CHIMNEYLINER
Former nuclear agcy AEC
Former Volvo rival SAAB
Fringe benefits PERKS
Gallic boyfriend CHERI
Give or take ABOUT
Headey of ''Game of Thrones'' LENA
Hold fast GRIP
Hunter's helper SETTER
Inspirational children's author ALGER
Italy's third-largest island ELBA
Jasmine rice cuisine THAI
Joe Kennedy III's grandma ETHEL
Kimono belt OBI
Light brown ECRU
Loose-goose connection ASA
Make it all up LIE
Mimic APER
More adorable CUTER
More than worried MANIC
Name meaning ''born again'' RENE
Clues Answers
Navajo foe UTE
New Mexico resort TAOS
No longer edible BAD
Nose, so to speak BEAK
Not just any THE
Novelist Welty EUDORA
Odds and ends SCRAPS
One for whom Sam ''played it'' ILSA
One-and-only SOLE
Penitent person RUER
Phoenix neighbor TEMPE
Photo trimming tool PAPERCUTTER
Plane's approach GLIDEPATH
Polar topper ICECAP
Postal delivery SNAILMAIL
President Arthur nickname CHET
Rain or snow, briefly PRECIP
Retailer's expense RENT
Secure locations SAFES
Square measure ACRE
Starting squad ATEAM
Stovetop appliance FOODSTEAMER
Subbed for a band SATIN
Swedish supergroup ABBA
Symbol of authority BADGE
Tie up LACE
Tough categories in 20 Questions CONCEPTS
Trying to be ALA
TV schedule abbr TBA
Vexed feeling IRE
Water that sounds weird ERIE
Weaponry ARMS
Witness SEE
World view MAP EDU
__ alcohol (gasohol component) ETHYL
__ Beanies (90's small-doll fad) TEENIE
__-Ball (arcade game) SKEE