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Clues Answers
"Atlantic City" director Louis MALLE
"Burnt" or "raw" color UMBER
"Entertaining Mr. Sloane" playwright Joe ORTON
"I love you," in Mexico TEAMO
"Sure, sign me up!" IMIN
"Take — out of crime!" ABITE
"That rings —" ABELL
"Trainwreck" director Judd APATOW
"— the Greek" ZORBA
#2 execs VPS
1986-2001 Earth orbiter MIR
1990-2019 Toyota minivan PREVIA
2,002, in Roman numerals MMII
A handful of FEW
Abbr. of fair hiring EEO
Absorb a loss EATIT
Adept ABLE
Aides: Abbr ASSTS
Alternative to Valium XANAX
Archery asset AIM
Arp's art DADA
Author Haley ALEX
Author Levin IRA
Be disdainful of SNEERAT
Bees' place HIVE
Being tried, as a case ATBAR
Betrayer of Jesus JUDAS
Big name in restaurant guides ZAGAT
Bird from Richmond? VIRGINIACREEPER
Bird living in the Sistine Chapel? VATICANCARDINAL
Bird nesting in winter precipitation? SNOWSHOVELER
Bird partially composed of element #56? BARIUMSWALLOW
Bird performing under the big top? CIRCUSSTILT
Bird that always keeps to itself? PRIVATECHAT
Bird that plays bebop? JAZZTRUMPETER
Bird that travels to and from work? COMMUTERRAIL
Bird wearing a hard hat? CONSTRUCTIONCRANE
Brow's shape ARC
Buckeye State sch OHIOU
Business agt REP
Cary of "Saw" ELWES
Catcher Yogi BERRA
Causes to be ashamed ABASHES
Cell material DNA
Chairs, e.g SEATS
Comeback to "Are too!" AMNOT
Commotions TODOS
Dead skin at the base of a fingernail CUTICLE
Dir. 135 degrees from 119-Across NNW
Drive along IMPEL
El — (certain current) NINO
Elite squad ATEAM
En pointe, in ballet ONTOE
Ending for switch EROO
Extremely old: Abbr ANC
Failed to be WERENT
Far — eye can see ASTHE
Fashion's Oscar de la — RENTA
Fellow soldier COMRADE
Feral horse MUSTANG
Fermented honey drink MEAD
Finnish coin EURO
Fishers with seines, say NETTERS
Flu symptom FEVER
Frozen drink treat ICEE
German subs UBOATS
Groove for a letter-shaped bolt TSLOT
Horned Egyptian goddess ISIS
In less peril SAFER
In — (while not present at the event) ABSENTIA
Clues Answers
Innovative NEW
Jordanians, e.g ARABS
Kimonos, e.g ROBES
Kitchen wrap SARAN
Korea's place ASIA
Lycra, e.g SPANDEX
Mazda model MIATA
Melodramatic cry of sorrow OHWOE
Mo. in fall OCT
Mob member GANGSTER
Moisturizer brand CUREL
Mournful song DIRGE
Movie cast members FILMACTORS
Movies' main stories PLOTLINES
Mutt's threat GRRR
Mythological fire-breather CHIMERA
NBA Hall of Famer — Thomas ISIAH
Nose partition SEPTUM
Not one's best effort, in sports lingo BGAME
Not worth — of beans AHILL
Notable time ERA
Oscar winner Rockwell SAM
Out of port ASEA
Pack of coins ROLL
Particles believed to bind quarks together GLUONS
Patron associated with a "fire" STELMO
Peels the skin off of PARES
Peruse READ
Pine's cousin FIR
Pitching star ACE
Potentially offensive, in brief NONPC
Prefix with 33-Down AERO
Privy to INON
Ranch in Ferber's "Giant" REATA
Real admirer FAN
Rebuff rudely SNUB
Refuse to talk CLAMUP
Relative of a univ COLL
Repasts MEALS
Result of backcombing TEASEDHAIR
River in a Foster tune SWANEE
Rub down ERODE
Seek the affection of WOO
Shady shelter ARBOR
Slugging stat RBI
Solo of sci-fi HAN
Some small batteries AAAS
Soprano's last note, perhaps HIGHC
Spiteful types HATERS
Stand for art EASEL
Store clerk on "The Simpsons" APU
Surrounded with a belt GIRT
Symbol on a one-way sign ARROW
Tanzanian national park SERENGETI
The Evil One SATAN
The Gem State: Abbr IDA
Toledo's lake ERIE
Trident, e.g SPEAR
Two wives of Henry VIII ANNES
Waco-to-Austin dir SSW
Web vending ETAIL
Widespread MASS
Will, biblically SHALT
Winter D.C. hrs EST
Wish-fulfilling spirits GENII
Witch HAG
Word before jury or larceny PETIT
Writer Zora — Hurston NEALE
— -chic (fashion style) BOHO