The Washington Post - Jun 30 2021

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Clues Answers
'My word!' EGAD
'That's so obvious!' DUH
'Would you mind?' ISITOK
'You __!': 'Yep!' BETCHA
'__ en Rose': Edith Piaf song LAVIE
'__ want a hula hoop': 'The Chipmunk Song' MEI
After-tax amount NET
Ancient Celtic priest DRUID
Auto with a four-ring logo AUDI
Beginner NEWBIE
Bird's perch LIMB
Bite like a beaver GNAW
Bloke LAD
British monarch who reigned less than a year in 1936 EDWARDVIII
Canoodled NECKED
Casual eatery BISTRO
Cloister leader ABBOT
Cozy corner NOOK
Diamonds, to hoods ICE
Discover with effort DIGUP
Discriminating sense TASTE
Doe or sow FEMALE
Dora the Explorer's animal-rescuing cousin DIEGO
Dr. of rap DRE
Drag on a joint TOKE
EPA-banned insecticide DDT
Fancy molding OGEE
Fare-well link THEE
Flight board abbr ETA
Footnoter's 'ditto,' briefly IBID
French-Swiss film director Jean-Luc GODARD
Genesis victim ABEL
Grazing locale LEA
Hwy. through six Eastern state capitals USONE
Indy entrant CAR
Island east of Manila GUAM
Jewish community orgs YMHAS
Lenovo competitor DELL
Like ballet movements FLUID
Clues Answers
Lots of bucks DEER
Mars, for one GOD
Natl. economic stats GDPS
Naught NIL
NBA's Steph Curry, notably WARRIOR
Not as green RIPER
Nursery item TREE
One-eighty UTURN
Onion exterior SKIN
Online reminder ENOTE
Ornithologist's favorite kids' game? DUCKDUCKGOOSE
Partakes of HAS
Phoenix-to-Boise dir NNW
Plant pot spot SILL
Popped up SKIED
Put away ATE
Put in ADD
Russian villa DACHA
Sensitive subject, to some AGE
Sits after microwaving COOLS
Some, in France UNES
South Pacific kingdom TONGA
Stumping sites PODIA
Swamp buildup PEAT
Tanner's favorite kids' game? HIDEANDSEEK
Tavern quaff BEER
Tips politely DOFFS
Turn (on), as a light SWITCH
Unique thing ONEOFAKIND
Veep who resigned AGNEW
Vermeer and Rembrandt's favorite kids' game? DOUBLEDUTCH
Wall St. debut IPO
Whirling current EDDY
Window retailer's favorite kids' game? BLINDMANSBUFF
Wings you can't eat ELLS
Within the law LEGIT
X as in Xerxes CHI
__-de-sac CUL