The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,669 - Jun 29 2021

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Clues Answers
& 5 Down Kind of blue movie securing white hot coverage? ELECTRIC
'I seek to impress,' you said, cracking Toughie POSEUR
Aerobics begins thus to create divine figure ATHENE
After Beethoven's Ninth, I thunderously hum NIFF
Caterer sighs when moving box full of bread CASHREGISTER
Cricketer cutting fish to detect fishiness SMELLARAT
Diced kale idly taken in both hands for hot dish? LADYKILLER
Do a bit of hip rock'n'roll, always backing band SASHAY
During play's opening, venue empty and lifeless INACTIVE
Excuse figure out topless, holding up six-pack? ABSOLVE
Guy hemming edges of Everton strip DENUDE
Hideous coffee cups quickly put away SCOFF
In retirement, banking assets extremely devalued ABASED
Kicking off at hot time of year, United score INAUGURATING
Clues Answers
Not getting on a ship carrying English cricket side around AGELESS
One once producing scores of cakes or loaves, not tons BACH
One used to groom hospital doctor superficially HAIRBRUSH
Royal taken in hand is, surprisingly, a source of drama SHERIDAN
Running into figure saying something cutting TENONSAW
See 23 Across) BLANKET
Serving for the match, Wade aced King, missing a shot WEDDINGCAKE
Shocked response from one of a pair rankles occasionally DOUBLETAKE
Spies area where men go AGENTS
Swimmer in play area has time to return to office REELECT
Want conviction of criminal tried around the 5th of March DITHER
Wash black articles BATHE
What's in hasty work using recycled materials REHASH