- Jun 29 2021

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Clues Answers
''Here's the thing . . .'' YOUSEE
''I totally agree!'' OHYES
''Mona __'' LISA
Add to the mix PUTIN
Area with parking spaces LOT
Assistant AIDE
Away from the office OUT
Barely-passing grade DPLUS
Besides that ELSE
Biblical paradise EDEN
Biblical shipbuilder NOAH
Bikini top BRA
Billboard postings ADS
Building with garden tools SHED
Caesar's rebuke ETTU
Car music source RADIO
Charming Southern woman BELLE
Cleaning cloth RAG
Color of toast BROWN
Contract negotiator AGENT
Country home VILLA
Dishonest imitation SHAM
Dog-race vehicles SLEDS
Donated GAVE
Earthquake line FAULT
Enclosed, as an estate GATED
Face on old watches DIAL
Fairy tale villain OGRE
Fire residue ASHES
Flair for fashion STYLE
Food inspection agcy USDA
Freeze over ICEUP
Fruits in Greek salads OLIVES
Functioning well, as machinery RUNNINGSMOOTHLY
Group's response to ''Who's there?'' ITSUS
Hairdresser's goo GEL
Layer of paint COAT
Legal rights org ACLU
Clues Answers
Leopard marking SPOT
Letter-shaped bolt fastener TNUT
Letting someone else do it STEPPINGASIDE
Made less stressful EASED
Make haste RUSH
Mani-__ (nail treatment) PEDI
Mexican food that's folded TACO
Nights before holidays EVES
Not going to math, say SKIPPINGCLASS
Numbers considered by bettors ODDS
Occupied, as a conference room INUSE
Of the moon LUNAR
Office passageway HALL
Pay-__-view movie PER
Piece of bacon STRIP
Pizzeria appliance OVEN
Pod veggies PEAS
Poetic tributes ODES
Right-angle shapes ELLS
Rolling stone's supposed lack MOSS
Roof overhang EAVE
Saying nothing SILENT
Says out loud VOICES
Scottish caps TAMS
Short news piece ITEM
Showed the way LED
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Sir __ Newton ISAAC
Slightest amount IOTA
Small jazz band COMBO
Spoil a surprise TELL
Strauss of blue jeans LEVI
Subtle eye signal WINK
Theatrical failure FLOP
Thrilling sensation TINGLE
Took a nap SLEPT
Tummy muscles ABS
Twosome DUO
Under siege BESET