Wall Street Journal - Jun 29 2021 - Rising Costs

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Clues Answers
“Chilly Scenes of Winter” writer Beattie ANN
“How disgusting!” UGH
“Li’l Abner” creator CAPP
“National Velvet” writer Bagnold ENID
Accusatory words from Caesar ETTU
Basis of monotheism ONEGOD
Basketball’s Garnett KEVIN
Become slippery, in a way ICEUP
Braying beasts ASSES
Capitol capper DOME
Choreography bit STEP
Churlish RUDE
Cloak-and-dagger group SPIES
Coder’s creation APP
Company abbr INC
Copernicus on the moon, e.g CRATER
Dipped in a vat, perhaps DYED
Do some simple math ADD
Downed ATE
Enters the pool BETS
Few and far between SPARSE
Fill completely SATE
Film for which Mira Sorvino won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar MIGHTYAPHRODITE
Fix a program DEBUG
Full or first quarter, e.g PHASE
Go through dough SPEND
Grappling hook attachment ROPE
H look-alike ETA
Halloween treat CANDYAPPLE
Hopkins of “Gimme a Break!” TELMA
House break? RECESS
June birthstone PEARL
Light touch PAT
Like some formulas and identities SECRET
Like the Marianas Trench DEEP
Lincoln Center show OPERA
Clues Answers
Lofty verse ODE
Low-pH stuff ACID
Mag. workers EDS
Mambo legend Tito PUENTE
Med. insurance group HMO
Meditation goal INNERPEACE
Microscopic, maybe TINY
Microwave sound BEEP
Newspaper section ARTS
Numbered hwy RTE
Only state with a nonrectangular state flag OHIO
Pack purchaser SMOKER
Participant in a “Jeopardy!” tournament TEEN
Pleads BEGS
Pucker-inducing TART
Reason to request seconds HEALTHYAPPETITE
Relaxing retreats SPAS
Road crew’s supply TAR
Rock concert equipment AMPS
Rooter’s cheer RAH
Scare off DETER
Schnauzer sound YIP
Scrape souvenir SCAB
SeaWorld killer whale SHAMU
Settle a tab, and a feature of the answers to 3-, 6-, 10- and 30-Down PAYUP
Sir’s counterpart MAAM
Skilled ADEPT
Spade or Hammer PRIVATEEYE
Speak with one’s head bowed, perhaps SAYAPRAYER
Spectrum hue RED
Stopped idling GOTBUSY
Suit wearer’s accessory TIETAC
Take a load off REST
Tetley product TEA
Throw off EMIT
Top story ATTIC
Williams in Cooperstown TED
Window piece PANE