The Washington Post - Jun 28 2021

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Clues Answers
'Bingo!' AHA
'In the __ of the Night': doo-wop classic STILL
'Little' fib WHITELIE
'Nana' novelist Émile ZOLA
'You bet!' YES
'You win' ILOSE
Antioxidant-rich berry ACAI
Apple CEO Cook TIM
Apple or pear POME
Artisan who makes delicate items GLASSBLOWER
Auto on-off baking gadget OVENTIMER
Bakery emanation AROMA
Banish EXILE
Boggy tract MORASS
Bring to life, as cartoons ANIMATE
Broadway bomb FLOP
Buckeye State OHIO
Butter substitute OLEO
Capture NAB
Checkers or chess GAME
Cherokee automaker JEEP
Clam used in chowder QUAHOG
Clarinets and oboes REEDS
Colony crawler ANT
Composer Khachaturian ARAM
Crossword-solving Simpson LISA
Dance that 'takes two' TANGO
Deco artist Romain de Tirtoff's pseudonym ERTE
Exact repetition of what was said DIRECTQUOTE
Fascinated by INTO
Fed. workplace monitor OSHA
Florida's Miami-__ County DADE
Give off EMIT
Golfer Aoki ISAO
Hits with snowballs PELTS
How ballerinas often dance ONTIPTOE
Idaho product POTATO
Clues Answers
Indonesia's capital JAKARTA
Key in ENTER
Landed ALIT
Language of India HINDI
Latticework piece LATH
Leveled, as a building RAZED
Like a legally binding contract VALID
Locate precisely PINPOINT
Makeup mogul Lauder ESTEE
Monroe or Taylor ACTRESS
Opposite of WSW ENE
Pavarotti, vocally TENOR
Perry of fashion ELLIS
Pic on a pec, say TAT
Plant swelling EDEMA
Prefix with centric ETHNO
Prefix with natal or -phyte NEO
Role model HERO
Shoo-__: easy winners INS
Sign on a B'way booth TKTS
Skedaddled FLED
Skirt's edge HEM
Sorority T's TAUS
Spontaneous notion WHIM
Stuffed pasta pockets RAVIOLI
Tahoe or Titicaca LAKE
Thick, as fog DENSE
Three-goals-in-one-game hockey scoring feats ... or what the ends of 17-, 28- and 46-Across are when they're rearranged? HATTRICKS
Tongue twister seashell seller SHE
Volcano flow LAVA
Volkswagen sedan PASSAT
Went undercover SPIED
Wheel shaft AXLE
While away, as time KILL
Wrath IRE
__ of Panama: narrow landform ISTHMUS
__ out a living: barely manages EKES