Universal - Jun 27 2021

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Clues Answers
"Break My Heart" singer Dua ___ LIPA
"Honey" DEARIE
"How Long ___ Black Future Month?" (Jemisin collection) TIL
"Stat!" ASAP
"Wavin' Flag" rapper KNAAN
"Well said!" AMEN
(Sigh) ALAS
Abbr. on a lawyer's business card ESQ
About-faces UTURNS
Appendectomy evidence SCAR
Award for boxer Kim Clavel ESPY
B or C of the Spice Girls MEL
Beach getup, perhaps SPEEDO
Bird associated with Baltimore ORIOLE
Bisexual blooms PERFECTFLOWERS
Blue expanse SKY
Boatloads ALOT
Branch of a company ARM
Buddy PAL
Certain nibling NEPHEW
City near Lake Tahoe RENO
Committed couple? EMS
Completely immerse ENGULF
Concerningly pale WAN
Country singer Brooke EDEN
Democratic-Farmer-Labor politician Ilhan OMAR
Does a beach activity TANS
Fidgety ANTSY
Finished ENDED
First-ranked athlete TOPSEED
Flip phone whose name sounds like a shaving tool RAZR
Gazes playfully, as a model SMIZES
Had some chilaquiles ATE
Heaviest fencing blade EPEE
Hurting SORE
Insect associated with Beyonce BEE
Insects in nests WASPS
Jar top LID
Clues Answers
Judges to be DEEMS
Laura honored by the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles in 2020 DERN
Leg day groupings SETS
Looked quizzically PEERED
Mess up ERR
Messy place STY
Montalban of TV's "Cinderella" PAOLO
Night vision cell ROD
Nora ___ aka Awkwafina LUM
Notable stretches ERAS
One may play "StarCraft II" GAMER
One, in Oaxaca UNO
Orca group POD
Part of a harness STRAP
Part of the biromantic flag representing dual attraction PURPLESTRIPE
People may dance along them in June PARADEROUTES
Place for a nasal piercing SEPTUM
Positive attribute ASSET
Postpone DEFER
Pub order ALE
Quick message NOTE
Really great SUPER
Scary tooth FANG
Showcase before a marathon EXPO
Spaces GAPS
Spanish for "Why not both?" PORQUENOLOSDOS
Spitball, e.g. [#UniversalXwordPride] WAD
Stash away HIDE
Summit PEAK
Tax pro CPA
The "B" in BFF BEST
Trois : Francais :: ___ : Italiano TRE
What Tinker Bell waves WAND
Where you might make your first s'more ATCAMP
Yellow parts of eggs YOLKS
You may learn about it from plannedparenthood.org SAFESEX
___ J. Blige of R&B MARY
___ twist (ab exercise) TORSO