- Jun 27 2021

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Clues Answers
''2001 . . .'' mastermind CLARKE
''Certainement!'' OUI
''I'd consider __ honor!'' ITAN
''Old MacDonald'' line EIEIO
''Venus de __'' MILO
'50s war zone KOREA
Actress Thomas MARLO
Animals, plants, fungi, etc BIOTA
Any Pixar character TOON
Bakery array OVENS
Baroque stringed instrument VIOL
Be boastful CROW
Become prevalent SPREAD
Birthplace of Einstein ULM
British pop star ADELE
Cable co., often ISP
Call forth EVOKE
Cartoon's explosion sound BLAM
Common-interest org ASSN
Communally owned OURS
Cotton fabric MUSLIN
Country singer Lovett LYLE
Court order ALLRISE
Creative expressions ARTS
Crumb-toting bug ANT
Debits from S&L accounts ATMFEES
Dell client PCUSER
Demographic cohort, for short GEN
Devices for APB listening POLICESCANNERS
Director DuVernay AVA
Downbeat music genre EMO
Eclipse shadow UMBRA
Ethically neutral AMORAL
Evasive EELY
Facts and figures INFO
Feuding parties FOES
Find out about UNCOVER
Fit for a queen REGAL
Flanged fasteners TNUTS
Flow (from) EMANATE
Flying saucer contingent ALIENS
Focused on stars ASTRAL
Form of toothpaste GEL
Get teary WEEP
Get-up-and-go VIM
Get-up-and-go SPIRIT
Hillside curve shape ESS
Hipster's ''Gotcha!'' IDIG
Home furnishings giant IKEA
How some 8x10s are made GLOSSY
Impressive style PANACHE
Inconclusive chess matches DRAWS
Insurrection REVOLT
Knock-knock joke, essentially PUN
Large volume TOME
Latin love AMOR
Laughing uncontrollably ROLLINGINTHEAISLES
Leave stunned AWE
Legal action SUIT
Linguistic suffix ESE
Listing-making official DEAN
Long African river CONGO
Makes level EVENS
Melt frost from DEICE
Mentioning explicitly NAMING
Mideast airline ELAL
Minimally polite CIVIL
Minuscule TEENIE
Clues Answers
Miss Piggy creator HENSON
MLB stat HRS
Monumental tale EPIC
More than two SEVERAL
Munched on ATE
Napoli's nation ITALIA
Narcissism source EGO
Neighborhood shop DELI
Nostalgic tunes OLDIES
Not much ATAD
Novelist Buchanan EDNA
One end of a sock TOE
One of the March sisters BETH
Part of 56 Across FAUNA
Piece of dinnerware DISH
Places for pupils DESKS
Prefix for formal SEMI
Prima donna performance ARIA
Property crime ARSON
Pupils' places EYES
Radiation detectors Geigercounters
Rather long time YEARS
Refer subtly ALLUDE
Repetitive practice DRILLS
Require ENTAIL
Rubber mice, e.g TOYS
Rules, in brief REGS
Scenes for all to see PUBLICDISPLAYS
Screeners' org TSA
Shade close to beige ECRU
Shall, in legalese ISTO
Shape of some rugs OVAL
Show-biz grand slam EGOT
Sign swiftly INITIAL
Significant OFNOTE
Sly nature GUILE
Small, sweet sandwich OREO
Soccer great Hamm MIA
Something fashionable VOGUE
Sorority letter ETA
Sort of TV screen LCD
State as fact AVER
State bird of Hawaii NENE
Stimulated FUELED
Storage units, for short MEGS
Strong brew STOUT
Strong brews ALES
Stunt double, e.g STANDIN
Subject to loss ATRISK
Sulky expressions POUTS
Summons silently BECKONS
Superman story regular OLSEN
Supernatural sign OMEN
Taiwanese laptop brand ACER
Tissue layer PLY
Toll road PIKE
Tropical lizard GECKO
Tuber nickname SPUD
Type of herring SHAD
Unendingly EVER
Unspecified person ONE
Update, as upholstery REDO
USC aides TAS
Vice __ VERSA
Voice on an audiobook READER
Whalebone BALEEN
What's more ALSO
Where ''el sol'' rises ESTE
__ es Salaam, Tanzania DAR
__ Juan, PR SAN
__ step further (do more) GOA