Universal - Jun 25 2021

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Clues Answers
"60 Minutes" network [#UniversalXwordPride] CBS
"Einstein on the Beach," e.g OPERA
"Woo-hoo!" YAY
"___ days are over" THOSE
*Brand of instant noodles RAMEN
*Deceptive panel FALSE
*First-rate NOTCH
*Location of a pineapple under the sea BIKINI
*Popular cooking show CHEF
*State Department's neighborhood FOGGY
*The lowest one can go ROCK
*Where pens or socks might be kept DRAWER
2009 sci-fi movie set on Pandora AVATAR
Artist Yoko ONO
Back-to-school month for some AUGUST
Boat engine sound THRUM
Bumbling person OAF
Commuter train stop, perhaps SUBURB
Connect with, as a waterway FEEDINTO
Consume EAT
Cookies with a Lady Gaga variety OREOS
Core muscles ABS
Digits in many prices NINES
Dog's warning GRR
Drive-___ (outdoor theaters) INS
DuVernay who directed "13th" AVA
End of Wikipedia's URL ORG
Exec's degree, often MBA
Exhaust, as a resource USEUP
Froot Loops mascot TOUCANSAM
Fruity jarful JAM
Gently towel off PATDRY
Gold ingot BAR
Golfer's standard PAR
Govt.-issued investment TBOND
Greek territory? FRATROW
High throw LOB
Hockey legend Bobby ORR
Clues Answers
Houston MLB player ASTRO
How 20-Across is spread ONTOAST
Lacking compassion INHUMAN
Like Los Angeles in July HOT
Like the candies Warheads and Toxic Waste SOUR
Line dance CONGA
Lottery tickets with perforated strips PULLTABS
Madam, in Mexico SENORA
Meatball sandwich SUB
Moroccan mint ___ TEA
Musical aptitude EAR
One more time AGAIN
Peas' place POD
Places to stop for a night INNS
Read a text to Siri, say DICTATE
Ridiculous INANE
Scolding sound TSK
Sense that might be inflated EGO
Seydoux of "No Time to Die" LEA
Short albums, for short EPS
Skedaddled RAN
Slow-cooked meat dishes POTROASTS
Spot for a soak TUB
Suffix for "class" or "cynic" ISM
Supporter FAN
Tar Heels' sch UNC
Target of formal gratitude KINDSIR
Target of religious gratitude GOD
Teachers' grp NEA
To and ___ FRO
Type of pants for bedtime PAJAMA
UV protection rating SPF
War-themed board game STRATEGO
Water filtration brand PUR
Way of scanning this grid that elucidates the starred answers' missing words? FROMTOPTOBOTTOM
Wild pig BOAR
___ close to call TOO