New York Times - Jun 25 2021

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Clues Answers
'Slow Hands' singer ___ Horan NIALL
'Thanks a ___!' MIL
'This ___ here!' ENDS
'Wasn't the first time enough?!' AGAIN
'Yeah, lunch now works for me' ICOULDEAT
2014 Television Hall of Fame inductee LENO
Acknowledgment with a shrug WELLOK
Activity common in nightclubs, in brief PDA
Aide for a cartoonist INKER
Along for the ride, say INTOW
Band together against GANGUPON
Be sycophantic GROVEL
Beadlike bit on a surfer's necklace PUKASHELL
Buncha LOTTA
Compound with a fruity smell ESTER
Costa ___ RICA
Endorsement, for short REC
Environmentalist Adams ANSEL
Fire ___ (gemstone) AGATE
Four on the floor? TABLELEGS
Garage brand STP
Genre for Bridget Riley's 'Shadow Play' OPART
Get overly personal, perhaps HITANERVE
Ginormous MEGA
Group co-founded by Eazy-E NWA
Gymnast Mary ___ Retton LOU
Had quite a trip? ATEIT
Hat tricks are seen in them MAGICACTS
Hit HBO series based on a Liane Moriarty novel BIGLITTLELIES
Improbable SLIM
It doesn't offer flights on Saturday mornings ELAL
Italian for 'so' COSI
Its members were collectively awarded Time magazine's 2017 Person of the Year METOOMOVEMENT
Clues Answers
Key symbol near '!' TILDE
Like some threats IDLE
Like tutoring, typically ONEONONE
Org. for the Houston Dynamo and Austin F.C MLS
Partner of day AGE
Parts of many rom-coms MEETCUTES
Party org DNC
Peaceful protest WALKOUT
Pests for a grain farmer WEEVILS
Prep class subject, for short LSAT
Presses (down) TAMPS
Question that's rarely a sign of good news CANWETALK
Quick post-wedding getaway MINIMOON
Sang part of 'Old MacDonald' MOOED
Showing promise LOOKINGUP
Spirals out over the winter holidays? HAMS
Splicing target GENE
Stub hub? TOE
Styles associated with the Beatles MOPTOPS
Tab on a Google search IMAGES
Taken care of, with 'out' SORTED
Taurasi who leads the W.N.B.A. in career scoring DIANA
They're good to know INS
Tough nut to crack ACORN
Unearned advantage based on sex MALEPRIVILEGE
What 'minuscule' is often misspelled with ANI
What you'd love to own and drive DREAMCAR
Workers you wouldn't want to see in the office? ANTS
World's largest pasta producer BARILLA
___ Bassi, first woman to earn a doctorate in science (University of Bologna, 1732) LAURA
___ Cruz, so-called 'Queen of Salsa' CELIA