The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,667 - Jun 24 2021

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Clues Answers
Absence of nap, having start of afternoon off, is most curious NOSIEST
Cake from leavened grain with half fat stuffing ECLAIR
Defect following piece of legislation FLAW
Fake keepers at zoo houses ERSATZ
Finding fault with service -- that's liable to produce a reaction CRITICALMASS
First in election, Prime Minister assuming he has long time -- but such things are transitory! EPHEMERA
Fixes up crack in middle of desk EQUIPS
Freshly cut grass roughly tied REEDITED
Greek islander having no right to catch fabulous sea creature CETACEAN
Influencer to advertise jacket TRAILBLAZER
Job on wharf ultimately insufficient for researcher POSTDOC
Judge's case gets thirty days, showing lack of experience JEJUNE
Junket of raspberry with rind of lime Razzle
Lacking height, failed to prepare wall adequately? UNDERSIZED
Clues Answers
Messi's header getting kid excited about minute when Champions League opponents meet? MIDWEEK
Midriffs rejected as obscene content SMUT
Not like sliced bread, this burns crust regularly UNCUT
Not part of match, cared about having only one goal SINGLEMINDED
Queen embracing old flame in outbuilding ANNEXE
Queen entering royal museum gallery VERANDA
Rifle shot gets you bit of a promotion FLIER
Star grabbing drink -- this is liable to go downhill! SKIRUN
Stocky peasants taking part in Asian festival THICKSET
They perform sensationally in oral assessments TASTEBUDS
Tighten your belt and behind -- adults are going to be slender SVELTE
Working out problem, I had backtracked, lacking certainty DIAGNOSTIC
Zany lass running round you, talking -- one circulates with food LAZYSUSAN