- Jun 24 2021

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Clues Answers
''I won't eat that!'' BLECCH
''Latest'' prefix NEO
Aficionado's cheers OLES
Ancient manuscript CODEX
Blush alternative ROUGE
Books reviewers CPAS
Catches on GETSIT
Certain sandwich exteriors PITAS
Clicks-dependent business ETAILER
Collectors' quests WANTS
Construct MAKE
Deplete USE
Detangle UNSNARL
Dewey, to Donald NEPHEW
Endeavor (to) TRY
Entice LURE
Euro fraction CENT
Exclusionary connector NOR
Family guy PAPA
Far below par POOR
Filmdom's Sweeney Todd DEPP
Gag reaction HAHA
Give an address ORATE
GPS reading NNE
Grind together GNASH
Having talons CLAWED
Highest importance PRIMACY
Historical studies ERAS
Indebtedness initials IOU
Inspiration for ''Wicked'' BAUM
It looks like H ETA
Italian endearment CARA
Just barely ATAD
Kit __ (Hershey bar) KAT
Little hairy pet FURBALL
Major Russian river URAL
Make a __ of (bungle) HASH
Mideast capital AMMAN
Clues Answers
Muscular SINEWY
Office attention-getter STICKIE
Patron of Galileo MEDICI
Plot's progression ARC
Pod in some soups OKRA
Prefix for pilot AUTO
Prismatic gem TOPAZ
Repeated exactly ECHOED
Resume speed, on a score ATEMPO
Shove off SAIL
Smartphone cover SKIN
Soggy dirt MUD
Something plucked by Polynesians UKE
Sound during some drives MOO
Sounded disappointed TSKED
Southeast Asian hot sauce SRIRACHA
Spills it BLABS
Strait-laced PRIM
Summing-up RECAP
Superficial appearance VENEER
Take over, as land ANNEX
Thinks much of ESTEEMS
Thrills ELATES
Timetable stat ETD
Toy tooter KAZOO
Treble instrument OBOE
UV-blocking number SPF
Verne's being ETRE
Victorious general at the Battle of Carabobo (June 24, 1821) SIMONBOLIVAR
What Spaniards call jai alai PELOTA
What the battle led to, for 37 Across INDEPENDENCE
What to call a catamaran SHE
What's served last DESSERT
Where the battle took place VENEZUELA
Whichever ANYOLD
Whom Gauguin and Degas admired CEZANNE
__ Moines, IA DES