Universal - Jun 24 2021

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Clues Answers
"Got it," '60s-style IDIG
"I think," in textspeak IMO
"I'd rather not" NAH
"In all honesty ..." TRUTHIS
"Ooh, I know the answer!" ASKME
"So cute!" AWW
"___ had it!" IVE
Bean type discovered in Peru LIMA
Beat in a staring contest, maybe OUTLAST
Big Island coffee district KONA
Buffalo hockey player SABRE
Butterfly pose, e.g. [#UniversalXwordPride] ASANA
Chinese "path" TAO
Connecting cable letters HDMI
Coverup for a bad haircut HAT
Drink such as Pepsi COLA
Entirely ALL
Fitting name for a Dalmatian SPOT
Fluid ___ (liquid measure) OUNCE
For what ___ worth ITS
Greeting in Guernica HOLA
Half a comforting comment THERE
Halves of a diameter RADII
Hawaiian welcome ALOHA
Homer Simpson's cry DOH
In good shape FIT
Increases, as the ante UPS
Infatuated with INTO
Landfill contents WASTE
Match grammatically AGREE
Meals tossed while they're still fresh SALADS
Met the benchmark for second-grade math? KNEWADDITION
More rational SANER
Morty's grandpa RICK
Multilingual Egyptian queen, for short CLEO
Murphy of "Schitt's Creek" ANNIE
Musical pause REST
Nail polish brand OPI
Not those THESE
Clues Answers
One may be jagged EDGE
Orchid holder POT
Oven for a 71-Across KILN
Packs (down) TAMPS
Physically demanded a fresh diaper from? KNEEDFORACHANGE
Piloted FLEW
Post-intermission segment PARTII
Raise, like a dumbbell LIFT
Regret RUE
Removal of pencil marks ERASURE
Repetitive learning ROTE
Rorschach test component BLOT
Sad ending? NESS
School fundraiser grps PTAS
Shenanigan ANTIC
Shrek or Fiona OGRE
Sow's sound OINK
Stir-fry vessels WOKS
Stratford-upon-___ AVON
Subgroup of troops UNIT
Summons, as a doctor PAGES
Tax org IRS
That stallion's HIS
Tie holder CLIP
Tiny particle ATOM
Training for King Arthur's men? KNIGHTSCHOOL
Turner who led an 1831 revolt NAT
Uno card with a slashed circle SKIP
Video interruptions ADS
Volcanic powder ASH
What goes "wee woo wee woo wee woo" SIREN
What won't come undone on the job? KNOTSAFEFORWORK
Where to buy lox DELI
Wise people SAGES
Without a doubt, slangily HUNDOP
Wood distortion WARP
Word before "run" or "jump" SKI
Word said with a shrug MEH
___ de plume NOM
___ said than done EASIER