New York Times - Jun 24 2021

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Clues Answers
'Cut that out!' STOP
'My b!' OOPS
'Oh, is that so?' YOUDO
'Someone's going to pay for this!' HEADSWILLROLL
'That's better than I expected!' NOTSOBAD
'That's ridonculous' SHAKINGMYH
'The highest result of education,' per Helen Keller TOLERANCE
'___ Christianity' (C. S. Lewis book) MERE
411 INFO
Aster relative TANSY
Blood-typing system ABO
Browbeat COW
Bush appointee of 2006 ALITO
Caravan member, perhaps NOMAD
Caro who directed 2020's 'Mulan' NIKI
Cat, in Catalonia GATO
City near the Temple of Isis ASWAN
Cosmetics giant AVON
Cry in a famous balcony scene OROMEO
December number NOEL
Did diddly squat IDLED
Drawing pencil? EYELINER
Embark on the Oregon Trail, say HEADWEST
Exchanged promises IDOS
Frazier in the Basketball Hall of Fame WALT
Guacamole ingredient REDONION
Hair nets SNOODS
Historically ONCE
In-flight call? HEADSORTAILS
Indian rice dish Biriyani
Leader in the civil rights movement, in brief MLK
Left behind FORSAKEN
Lhasa ___ APSO
Like dewy grass DAMP
Clues Answers
Love to Hug ___ (plush doll) ELMO
Lucy van Pelt's frequent outburst to Charlie Brown ... or how to fill some squares in this puzzle? YOUBLOCKH
Many subjects of Scheherazade stories ARABS
Marilyn ___, singer with the 5th Dimension MCCOO
Michelangelo's only signed work PIETA
Moved up the corporate ladder, say GOTAHEAD
Nickname composed only of Roman numerals VIV
One making a scene STAGEHAND
Oscar winner Berry HALLE
Pacific greeting ALOHA
Picks OPTS
Piece of equipment for a telemarketer HEADSET
Plantlike growth held up by gas-filled bladders KELP
Pop choice COLA
Praised LAUDED
Pucklike IMPISH
Quarry PREY
Release EMIT
Since fore-e-ever INAGES
Slip-___ ONS
Some remote inserts AAAS
Spots for spots? TEAROOMS
Stick with it PERSEVERE
Summer Olympics event DIVING
Supplement ADDTO
Take from one medium to another ADAPT
The 'you' in the classic song lyric 'I'm crossin' you in style some day' MOONRIVER
Thus far TONOW
Timely ONCUE
Top gear HAT
Warn with a horn TOOT
Waste receptacle BIN
With, in France AVEC
Without a leader? TIED
Woodwind section OBOES
___ Eshkol, third prime minister of Israel LEVI