Irish Times (Crosaire) - Jun 23 2021

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Clues Answers
Closes 15 across bearing a number of instruments WHISTLES
Coppers lose it in cheating CHANGE
Criminal rigged job for Adam, in the garden DIGGER
Current affairs footage of eels, wren, cuckoo NEWSREEL
Does a comparable job in 15 across for the character witnesses, in short REFS
Driver's aid, of course, for getting the entire amount on the wagon TEETOTAL
Exposes cheating playing bowls with Hugh, reportedly consumed by weed BLOWSTHEWHISTLE
Faith has short fling with head of college in Switzerland CHURCH
Fury of some upset landscape gardener RAGE
Gets around without dour reps AGENTS
Initial flavour in exotic Mirin is weak INFIRM
Initially slimmer and fitter from cutting down on the grass STRIMMER
Local drugs to blow your mind perhaps from Panama HEADGEAR
Old remnant ripped by trinket ORNAMENT
Clues Answers
One paying attention to line from wrong entries LISTENER
Relative of Russell welcomes a foreign bit of advice, for the most part AUNTIE
Song and dance witnessed at the gate SCENE
Street car going around traffic jam TRAM
Tablet is for two family members and one of the chisellers STONEMASON
The Fringe's talk shows throw up hit SWAT
Those supplying papers - the latest that's out there - to those in 19 down NEWSAGENTS
Tom's angina produced by bad blood ANTAGONISM
Way out for Bill inside fooling around ESCAPADE
Went overseas to raise marsh mallows on the borders SWAM
What are those in 24 across doing, performing a job in Ring? REFEREEING
What you might see in theatre in hospital from a typical fall in April? SHOWER
When not in New Delhi one is not working IDLE
Winds up soldiers losing the head ANGERS