L.A. Times Daily - Jun 22 2021

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Clues Answers
"Carpe diem" acronym YOLO
"Enough already!" IGIVE
"Evita" narrator CHE
"See ya!" TATA
"Soft embalmer of the still midnight": Keats SLEEP
"Star Wars" heroine REY
"The __ of the moral universe ... bends toward justice": MLK Jr ARC
"This is for you" HERE
"War and Peace" and "Gone with the Wind" SAGAS
"Your guess is as good as mine" WHOCANSAY
"Zounds!" EGAD
"__ you special!" ARENT
1995 Reform Party founder PEROT
Beach dwelling support STILT
Beaded calculators ABACI
Bounder ROUE
Brown bar order ALE
Cagney's TV partner LACEY
Canonized fifth-cen. pope STLEO
City that merged with Jaffa in 1950 TELAVIV
Collectively INALL
Comic Margaret CHO
Coolpix digital camera maker NIKON
Critical KEY
Dwelling that sounds like two letters TEPEE
Easter entrée HAM
Fed. research org NSF
Fig. whose last four digits are often requested SSN
Futuristic sci-fi vehicles HOVERCARS
Game official REF
GM's Mary Barra, e.g CEO
Gooey gunk SLIME
Horror film aide IGOR
Inebriate SOT
It has a same-named river on its southern border OHIO
Clues Answers
Joined with WEDTO
Just __: almost SHYOF
Kind of in jest, kind of not HALFSERIOUSLY
Like a one-star sudoku EASY
May 8, 1945, briefly VEDAY
Memorable period ERA
Mixed drink recipe directive SHAKEVIGOROUSLY
Mother with a Nobel Prize TERESA
Move in the breeze SWAY
Nonliteral language features IDIOMS
Notice ESPY
Ostrich kin RHEA
Parking employee VALET
PR pro's concern IMAGE
Pupil's place EYE
Roman garb TOGA
Sextet featured in order in this puzzle's theme answers AEIOUY
Ship deck guards RAILS
Shopping meccas MALLS
Show one's face EMERGE
Somber notice OBIT
Squirrel morsel ACORN
Sunbather's goal TAN
Temple text TORAH
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Toy similar to a spool YOYO
Troy, N.Y., campus RPI
Type of equation LINEAR
Unwell ILL
Upsilon preceder TAU
Vintage Burger King slogan HAVEITYOURWAY
Welles of "War of the Worlds" ORSON
West Wing worker AIDE
Word from the Japanese for "harbor wave" TSUNAMI
WWII conference site YALTA
__ shop: golf course store PRO