USA Today - Jul 24 2021

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Clues Answers
'Stop! In the ___ of Love' NAME
'Uncle' in Hindi or 'mom' in Spanish MAMA
'We are done talking about this' ENDOFDISCUSSION
'You ain't ___ nothing yet!' SEEN
'___ and Circumstance' (song at a graduation) POMP
Actress/producer Woodard ALFRE
Analyze grammatically PARSE
Automated video game opponents BOTS
Baby bird's place NEST
Bank of Japan currency YEN
Basketball reporter LaForce ALLIE
Bassett who played Tina Turner ANGELA
Bassist DeTiger BLU
Bell-bottom jeans feature FLARE
Burlap bag SACK
Burst ___ the scene ONTO
College residence DORM
College sports org NCAA
Crochet tool HOOK
Decision reached as a group JOINTRESOLUTION
Degrees for law school grads JDS
Desire WANT
Doings ACTS
Earnestly requested PLED
Earring measurements GAUGES
Exchange SWAP
Flora and ___ FAUNA
From around here LOCAL
Good ___ (positive sign) OMEN
Gradual increase in intensity SLOWBURN
Have an emotional stake CARE
Home state of Simon Estes IOWA
Homophone of 'seas' SEIZE
Like a good slogan CATCHY
Little Rock's state (Abbr.) ARK
Lunar module's destination MOON
Made an inference DREWACONCLUSION
Clues Answers
Make completely dry PARCH
Member of an Afrocentric religion RASTA
Movie clownfish NEMO
Must pay OWES
Name for a black-and-white cat OREO
Nevada's western neighbor, for short CALI
Nonexclusive OPEN
Opponent of good EVIL
Opposite of away, on a scoreboard HOME
Optimistic feeling HOPE
Partner in marriage SPOUSE
People rating an app USERS
Places with saunas SPAS
Pop star Alessia CARA
Possessive pronoun HERS
Propelled using oars ROWED
Radio program with interviews TALKSHOW
Reduction in salary PAYCUT
Region where no troops are allowed (Abbr.) DMZ
Romantic admirer SUITOR
Saucers, shapewise DISCS
Scrub really hard SCOUR
See 1-Down OVER
Stat for a shape AREA
Stopwatch measurement TIME
Synonym for 'muchacha' CHICA
Three-person band TRIO
Totally ready to go ALLSET
TV channel with sports ESPN
Unkind MEAN
Up-and-down playground apparatus SEESAW
VIP lineup ALIST
Weeding tool HOE
With 2-Down, stoop down BEND
Work on perfecting HONE
___ bag (rhyming collection of goodies) SWAG
___ of the Ox YEAR