USA Today - Jul 23 2021

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Clues Answers
'Agreed!' YUP
'And another thing . . .' ALSO
'Dig in!' EAT
'Like, now!' acronym ASAP
'Lucky ___!' YOU
'Roma' star Aparicio YALITZA
'Run the World' channel STARZ
'___-haw!' YEE
100% ALL
Ads that inspired the app Lex PERSONALS
Appropriate footwear for the catwalk KITTENHEELS
Architectural column PILLAR
Audacity NERVE
Band with the song 'The Wire' HAIM
Brain or heart, for example ORGAN
Bus route points STOPS
Chest bone RIB
Chick sound PEEP
Chimps and such APES
Choir part ALTO
Creature hidden in 'squirrel monkey' ELMO
Cuisine with mandu and japchae KOREAN
Demolition substance TNT
Dentist's request OPEN
Desirable quality ALLURE
Desirable quality ASSET
End of a school email address EDU
Fabric in some sheets and curtains RAYON
Fill the tank GASUP
First Black player in the NHL OREE
Fitting APT
Flightless Australian bird EMU
Former planet reclassified in 2006 PLUTO
Genre for Aja RAP
Genre for Panteon Rococo SKA
It might be confused with 'allowed' when said 64-Across ALOUD
Jet ___ (fatigue from a flight) LAG
John David, to Denzel Washington SON
Large characters in fairy tales GIANTS
Clues Answers
Late lunchtime TWOPM
Like 2 but not 3 EVEN
Like some nonbinary people AGENDER
Like some Valentine's Day cards SAPPY
Lion constellation LEO
Music device STEREO
Neighbor of Costa Rica and Colombia PANAMA
Novice journalists CUBREPORTERS
Number of sides a decagon has TEN
Opposite of chaos ORDER
Pointer TIP
Possesses OWNS
Powerlifter's count REPS
PR concern IMAGE
Revert UNDO
Rugby throw PASS
Sad, innocent look PUPPYDOGEYES
Savory comfort food with a crust POTPIE
School zone sign word SLOW
Seller of Thin Mints GIRLSCOUT
Singles in a wallet ONES
Sketched DREW
Sleep briefly NAP
Sodium or chloride, in salt ION
Sulked MOPED
Tavern mugs STEINS
These, in Spanish ESTOS
Title role for Jessica Chastain in 2020 AVA
Vegetable in some pesto KALE
Verb in a baking recipe ADD
Water balloon sound SPLAT
Wedge or flat, e.g SHOE
Workplace for a massage therapist SPA
___ al-Fitr EID
___ butter (skin care ingredient) SHEA
___ donna PRIMA
___ moss (bog growth) PEAT
___ over heels HEAD