Family Time - Jun 21 2021

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Clues Answers
"But I heard him exclaim, ___ he drove ..." ERE
"Here's what I think" article OPED
"Much ___ About Nothing," (Shakespearean play) ADO
"Now, ___ the next thing" (2 words) ONTO
"Parting is ___ sweet sorrow ..." SUCH
63,360 inches MILE
A small inlet COVE
Acrobat software maker ADOBE
Action movie necessity HERO
Anago, as a creature EEL
Apple slice? PIE
Be literate READ
Be mistake-prone ERR
Beast with wool LLAMA
Brilliant creative thought IDEA
Brown or black creature BEAR
Card with two pips DEUCE
Certain type of ballroom dance MAMBO
Clean with a bird bill PREEN
Clean, formally LAVE
Cleaning cloth RAG
Coffee grounds, or similar residue DREGS
Congeal, as blood CLOT
Crude, uncouth, ill-bred person BOOR
Curved pattern, in a 31-Across SWIRL
Declare as true AVOW
Dynamite relative TNT
Easy thing to multiply by ONE
Final words in a column? OBIT
Fury IRE
Great place to grow? FARM
Hair goop GEL
Clues Answers
Having gained none and lost none EVEN
Holder of a few ice cream scoops CONE
Inner-tube application PATCH
It may be padded for sports KNEE
Lady sheep EWE
Lady wearing black and white NUN
Large ocean ray MANTA
Legislative money set aside for a specific purpose APPROPRIATION
Lie next to ABUT
Like lottery winners LUCKY
Liters of soda have them CAPS
Moisture on a field DEW
Not a blvd., but close AVE
Old-style anesthetic ETHER
Part of a fisherman's gear REEL
Part of a sword EDGE
Pence, once (2 words) VICEPRESIDENT
People mover CAR
Prepare for a selfie POSE
Pub drink ALE
Put an "X" in a box, for example OPT
Ranch head? STEER
Result of being the 5 in a 9-5 final score LOSS
Scream YELL
Small curve ARC
Smart students may reach this (2 words) ADVANCEDLEVEL
Thing to say "Amen" from PEW
Trade SWAP
What "Can February March? No, but April May" is PUN
Where people say "I do" ALTAR
Word from Jack's giant FIE
___ Day, in Hawaii LEI