- Jun 21 2021

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Clues Answers
''Be quiet!'' SILENCE
''My lips __ sealed'' ARE
''Promise to pay'' papers IOUS
Act boldly DARE
Allude to HINTAT
Appointed to a job NAMED
Astronauts' org NASA
Baseball arbiters, for short UMPS
Bathing suit top BRA
Berets and bonnets HATS
Boats like Noah's ARKS
Both sides of a debate PROSANDCONS
Cable channel of Congress CSPAN
Chopped into tiny cubes DICED
Conduct an opinion poll CANVASS
Consisting of many types MIXED
Covering a wide area NEARANDFAR
Dials of grandfather clocks FACES
Double-__ sword EDGED
Dug for gold MINED
Easy __ (simple, like the alphabet) ASABC
Edgar Allan __ POE
Egypt's capital CAIRO
Family man, to his kids DAD
Feeling achy SORE
Fishing pole ROD
Fit for queens and kings ROYAL
Football six-pointers: Abbr TDS
Frog's cousin TOAD
Fruit in a ''Newton'' cookie FIG
Gentle, as a horse TAME
Gold medalist's place FIRST
Guide your auto STEER
Halloween disguises MASKS
Handbag PURSE
Highest poker cards ACES
Historical period ERA
Important details to learn INSANDOUTS
In a bad mood TESTY
Clues Answers
In a deceitful manner FALSELY
Jockeys' seats SADDLES
Large antlered animal MOOSE
Liken one thing to another COMPARE
Look mopey POUT
Mexican coins PESOS
Moral misdeed SIN
Movers' trucks VANS
Moves slowly back and forth SWAYS
Musical work with sopranos OPERA
Occupied, as a chair SATON
Out of style PASSE
Payments to the IRS TAXES
Pebble or boulder STONE
Prophetic sign OMEN
Pub beverage ALE
Pub game projectile DART
Recede, as the tide ABATE
Rural hotels INNS
Settler in a covered wagon PIONEER
Short snooze NAP
Signals ''yes'' with one's head NODS
Skim milk's lack FAT
Stay out of sight HIDE
Stomach muscles, informally ABS
Strain, as flour SIFT
Tex-Mex folded tortilla TACO
Texas shrine to ''remember'' ALAMO
Thinly distributed SPARSE
Time gone by PAST
Trees with cones PINES
Twain's Huckleberry FINN
Twists of fate UPSANDDOWNS
Wonderland girl ALICE
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Zodiac sign of the scales LIBRA
__ and crafts ARTS
__ Baba (Arabian Nights hero) ALI
__ ball (enjoyed oneself) HADA