L.A. Times Daily - Jun 8 2010

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Clues Answers
"__ 101": Former Nickelodeon sitcom ZOEY
1971 Sutherland title role KLUTE
Actress Spelling TORI
Adhesive resin ALKYD
Al Gore's 2000 running mate JOELIEBERMAN
An off-ramp may lead to one OVERPASS
Banquet entrées ROASTS
Beefy soup ingredient OXTAIL
Blacken SEAR
Bucket wheel used for irrigation NORIA
Buddhism, e.g.: Abbr. REL
Bumped into MET
Came to earth ALIT
Carpentry tool that cuts with the grain RIPSAW
Celebrate boisterously REVEL
Classic TV brand RCA
Crew hands OARS
Curved molding OGEE
Da's opposite NYET
Dirty Harry's org. SFPD
Dollar fractions CENTS
Earth neighbor MARS
Exercise involving squatting KNEEBEND
Fellows GUYS
Flexible Flyer, e.g. SLED
Garage job LUBE
GPS suggestion ROUTE
Grade factor TEST
Greek peak OSSA
Have a cow CALVE
High school breakout? ACNE
High-speed www hookup DSL
Holocaust hero Wallenberg RAOUL
Inventor Whitney ELI
Involved with, as a plot INON
LAX postings ETDS
Letter-shaped fastener TNUT
Clues Answers
Like a procrastinator's bills UNPAID
Like one with a full schedule BUSY
Little piggy, so to speak TOE
Living room reading that includes this puzzle's theme COFFEETABLEBOOK
Lobbying group for seniors AARP
Maladies ILLS
Messy contest in a pit MUDWRESTLING
Muslim pilgrimage HADJ
Nabisco wafer named for its flavor NILLA
One of the four chief angels URIEL
Panthère relative TIGRE
Popular ISP AOL
Privileged folks HAVES
Program that uses certain Sun Microsystems software JAVAAPPLICATION
Pulitzer-winning author James AGEE
Real comedian RIOT
Recedes EBBS
Repulsive VILE
Satori-seeking sect ZEN
Shower sponges LOOFAS
Soak up ABSORB
Something to miss or rock BOAT
Sport with sticks LACROSSE
Student's focus MAJOR
Super Bowl held in MCMLXXXVIII XXII
Tequila plant AGAVE
The earth turns on it AXIS
Third dimension DEPTH
Top grade APLUS
Transgresses SINS
Vital body line AORTA
Washington Sq. campus NYU
White Carroll critter RABBIT
Wine region near San Francisco NAPA
__ Fáil: Irish coronation stone LIA