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Clues Answers
"Amazing!" WOW
"Bluff City Law" network NBC
"Happy Days" star with gleaming eyes? HENRYTWINKLER
"I goofed!" OOPS
"Mazel —!" TOV
"Norma —" RAE
"Say again?" WHAT
"Says You!" airer NPR
"So cute!" AWW
"Solaris" actress McElhone NATASCHA
"Wild Thing" singers, with "The" TROGGS
"Wonder Woman" star Gal GADOT
"— it grand?" AINT
"— Mio" OSOLE
A noble gas ARGON
Anglo- — SAXON
Any day now SOON
Arbitrator MEDIATOR
Back column SPINE
Bacterium in the gut ECOLI
Ballplayer Mel OTT
Banned apple spray ALAR
Big Apple animal attraction BRONXZOO
Big name in toothbrushes ORALB
Blasting stuff TNT
Body pic TAT
Brand of clog remover DRANO
Brynner on Broadway YUL
Caesar's 106 CVI
Call to squad cars, for short APB
Caviar eggs ROE
CBer's lingo system TENCODE
Certain dried berry CRAISIN
City northwest of Genoa TURIN
Coastal inlet RIA
Come- — (temptations) ONS
Container for flats or heels SHOEBOX
Contest to see who has the cleverest taunts? BATTLEOFTWITS
Corrida cheer OLE
Corsage flower ORCHID
Coveted part for an actor PLUMROLE
Debtor's slip IOU
Easter animal RABBIT
Eggs OVA
Ending for krypton ITE
Ending of some pasta names INI
Exchanged, as an older model TRADEDIN
Expert at recognizing the finest strong string? TWINECONNOISSEUR
Father DAD
Fathers PAS
Florida city TAMPA
Foe of Frodo ORC
Franc division CENTIME
Fuzzy picture BLUR
Genetic stuff RNA
Get a whiff of INHALE
Give moral guidance EDIFY
Go after romantically WOO
Golfer Michelle WIE
Grassy turf SOD
Have too much of, for short ODON
Hugs, in a love letter OOO
Hurrier's cry IMLATE
Identical sibling near some falling rocks? TWINBYALANDSLIDE
Imitate a lion ROAR
In conclusion LASTLY
In regard to ASFOR
Indy 500, e.g AUTORACE
Ingredient in Nutella PALMOIL
Clues Answers
IRS form fig SSN
It provides product plugs to websites ADSERVER
K-12 org PTA
Kitten's cry MEW
Lacking spice MILD
Lamp dweller GENIE
Lance of the O.J. trial ITO
Long-popular ISP AOL
Look at again RESEE
Major exhibition EXPO
Mandible site JAW
Meyers of "Kate and Allie" ARI
Mother of Mars, in myth JUNO
Musical sign CLEF
Mythical horses UNICORNS
Negatives NOS
Neighbor of Vietnam LAOS
Noisy sleeper SNORER
Not adorned BARE
Not cooked RAW
Not rigid LOOSE
Oahu porch LANAI
Of a pelvic bone SACRAL
Old JFK flier SST
Old Pontiacs GTOS
Old Texas siege site ALAMO
One painting with dots STIPPLER
One working to promote high-quality serge and denim? AMBASSADOROFGOODTWILL
Opp. of departure ARR
Oregon's capital SALEM
Outdoor food party for 11- and 12-year-olds? TWEENIEROAST
Pacers' org NBA
Pakistan's longest river INDUS
Pan's cousin POT
Paris hub ORLY
Part of 130-Across: Abbr SOC
Part of MoMA ART
Passports et al IDS
Perform gastric bypasses? TWEAKSTOMACHS
Plural "is" ARE
Possess jointly with someone else COOWN
Predicament PROBLEM
Rambo's gun UZI
River through Orsk URAL
Roof overhang EAVE
Royal Botanic Gardens site KEW
Saddlery tool AWL
Seine, for one NET
Share a border with ABUTON
Singer DiFranco ANI
Skin malady ACNE
Slangy denial NAH
Small cask KEG
Some very valuable violins CREMONAS
Stage award TONY
Stupidity DOPINESS
Super-itchy wool cloth? NOXIOUSTWEED
Susan of "L.A. Law" DEY
Talks lovingly COOS
That, in Lima ESO
Things unlike all the others OUTLIERS
Tilted type: Abbr ITAL
Time of day for muscle spasms? TWITCHINGHOUR
Tofu source SOY
Top-notch AONE
Triage physician, for short ERDOC
Use, as a tool WIELD
Virtual b'day greeting, e.g ECARD
Wedding page word NEE
Wildcats with ear tufts LYNXES
Yappy lap dog, in brief POM
— Lanka SRI