Universal - Jun 16 2021

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Clues Answers
"Later, maybe?" ANOTHERTIME
"Oh, really?" ITIS
"Science Guy" Bill NYE
"Thanks a million for all that help," and a theme hint YOUREASAINT
24 cans of beer, often CASE
Accelerator, informally GAS
Actor/dancer Fred ASTAIRE
Also TOO
Also AND
Alternative to a metal detector BODYSCANNER
Binary type of question YESNO
Bit of horse food OAT
Chocolaty cereal OREOOS
Chutzpah NERVE
Circle's center, in a variation of duck, duck, goose MUSHPOT
Contract conditions TERMS
Country in a Springsteen title, briefly USA
D.C. fundraising org PAC
Disco ___ ("The Simpsons" character) STU
Farm team OXEN
Freezer container ICETRAY
French money EURO
Game cubes DICE
Get older AGE
Gets ready to go out, maybe DRESSES
Goalies' face coverings MASKS
Gulps from a flask SWIGS
Haul from behind TOW
Hot Wheels toy CAR
Hung out? AIRDRIED
Hush-hush org NSA
Incoming flight info ETA
It might get lost in translation IDIOM
It's at the end of a 52-Across HAND
Key without sharps or flats AMINOR
Kitchenware brand OXO
Lightweight boxer? PUP
Little ones TYKES
Metallic resource ORE
Clues Answers
Mini-___ (small stores) MARTS
Moody music genre EMO
Most favorably ATBEST
Most narcissistic VAINEST
Most optimistic ROSIEST
Muscles below pecs ABS
Nonverbal communication, for short? ESP
Novelist Hoag TAMI
Omelet ingredient EGG
One may rate an app USER
Online birthday greeting ECARD
Patron of dermatologists? STITCHES
Patron of people writing with quill pens? STINKPOT
Patron of plane traffic controllers? STAIRWAY
Patron of stone bridge builders? STARCHES
Pellets that are shot BBS
Pitcher's aim? NOHITTER
Pittsburgh-to-Baltimore dir ESE
Popcorn accompaniment, often SODA
Prescribed amounts DOSES
Reggae relative SKA
Scary sound BOO
Silent assent NOD
Slide down the slopes SKI
Stale OLD
Tennis star Marin whose surname is a palindrome CILIC
Texter's signoff TTYL
They're saved on cellphones: Abbr NOS
Those opposed ANTIS
Totally fine AOK
Trojans of the NCAA USC
Unkind MEAN
Visitors from afar, briefly ETS
Wards off DETERS
West German capital, once [#UniversalXwordPride] BONN
What fills a sleeve ARM
Wicked, as instincts BASE
Win-win NOLOSE
Yearning (for) PINING
Yoga accessory MAT