Family Time - Jun 14 2021

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Clues Answers
"Beat it, bee!" SHOO
"I told you so!" sound HAH
"You" cards IDS
"___ time for bed" ITS
A landlocked republic in northwestern Africa MALI
Adam was put in charge of naming it (2 words) ANIMALKINGDOM
Air freshener target ODOR
Ancient Rome's seven VII
BBs and buckshot AMMO
Bladed mover OAR
Case that may be open and shut in court ATTACHE
Cleveland's state OHIO
Decides to come back after all RETURNS
Defeats by more skillful tactics OUTMANEUVERS
Deuce, for one CARD
False things in the Bible IDOLS
Female farm animal EWE
Foot part SOLE
Gunfighter's cry in the Wild West DRAW
Hawaiian Island feast LUAU
Horrible put-downs DEGRADATIONS
Hotel's little relative INN
In need of liniment SORE
It's heard in the jungle ROAR
Leave scratches on MAR
Like some softball teams COED
Little ___ Riding Hood RED
Look to be SEEM
Major TV network CBS
New York canal ERIE
Not Jan., the one before DEC
Clues Answers
Officially bar from entry BAN
Old-style computer screen initials CRT
Part of a Ping-Pong table NET
Pay-___-view PER
Pork and beans cube FAT
Quite a while AGES
Shed like a snake MOLT
Ship-building wood TEAK
Shout of discovery AHA
Something understudies study SCRIPTS
Song around Christmas NOEL
Sounds of relief AHS
Take a chance DARE
Tear apart RIP
The "T" of T. Rowe Price INITIAL
Toward the rear, to a sailor AFT
Type choices FONTS
Understood, as a punchline GOT
Unstable particle MUON
Vigor, in music BRIO
Wash in the tub BATHE
Website moneymakers ADS
Wedding-cake level TIER
What you need to make good decisions INFO
Word with "ginger" ALE
Word with "mater" ALMA
Workers in many office buildings RECEPTIONISTS
___ Angeles LOS
___ Carta MAGNA
___ vera plant ALOE