The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 659 - Jun 7 2021

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Clues Answers
Academic ignoring us in workshop STUDIO
Artificial tears spilled by Zoe, initially ERSATZ
Baked dish produced by me, afloat at sea MEATLOAF
Brown seaweed, twisted mass TANGLE
Cabinet member sat in for me and set it out MINISTEROFSTATE
Doctor reversed Conservative's fungal disease DRYROT
Fellow, unknown, in trunk BODY
Former magistrate holding diamonds gets trick DODGE
Go over tries again, against English REHEARSE
Indemnity concerning school seen affected RECOMPENSE
Interval at centre, busy ENTRACTE
Leader to follow after start of polling TOPDOG
Look, British 'Times' in vestibule LOBBY
Nothing by husband on our scheduled starting time ZEROHOUR
Offended, a female going over to face editor AFFRONTED
Clues Answers
Plant fake diamond, say SHAMROCK
Polish fan BUFF
Potato cake, perhaps, and endless tea after game CROQUETTE
Pull back, making room WARD
Reorganise spread where fruit trees are grown ORANGERIES
Tale about party held by a teen, wild ANECDOTE
Talk about energy swindle CHEAT
Theatre scene ARENA
This is used to dress wounds in hospital, in theatre LINT
Unwell, a guy is uncomfortable ILLATEASE
Very close and intimate friend to make changes – say nothing ALTEREGO
Waxy substance, resin found on rigs at sea AMBERGRIS
Wealthy and powerful person in rhyme FATCAT
Wonderful, sailor wearing fine uniform playing soul FABULOUS