Family Time - Jun 13 2021

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Clues Answers
"Peter Peter Pumpkin ___" EATER
"There it is! A mouse!" EEK
"We ___ the Champions" ARE
"___ many cooks spoil the broth" TOO
All boys' or all girls' institution (2 words) PRIVATESCHOOL
An area of a church APSE
Ann ___, Michigan ARBOR
Bad way to answer on a test INCORRECTLY
Be in need of a lift SAG
Bubble bath ingredient ALOE
Chess piece in the corner ROOK
Common soda type COLA
Common type of tree ELM
Composer's closer CODA
Contractor's workplace SITE
Creature like Shrek OGRE
Cross the finish line first WIN
Curdled-soybean-milk food TOFU
Day before a big day EVE
Desperately needing money POOR
Discoverer's cry OHO
Do some carpentry SAW
Dollar for many EURO
Eliminate gradually (with "out") PHASE
Family dude, but not dad BRO
Fancy feature of a luxury hotel SPA
Feel for someone else CARE
Film ___ (film genre) NOIR
George Herman Ruth's nickname BABE
Good Book book after Luke JOHN
Home of Miami University, strangely OHIO
Important parts of sentences NOUNS
Clues Answers
Laundry unit LOAD
Make a quick note JOT
Mine and yours together OUR
Mix coffee and cream, say STIR
Money in your pocket CASH
Mrs., in Mexico, briefly SRA
Ocean relative SEA
Open up the floodgates, so to speak SOB
Part of a historical timeline ERA
Part of a three-piece suit VEST
Person caught by nets ACROBAT
Record player of old HIFI
Render assistance AID
Reply to "Is this the best day ever?" YES
Score of 53-0, for example ROUT
Six-foot mole SPY
Slender glass container VIAL
Small section of a circle ARC
Some large farm machines SEEDERS
Starch from palms SAGO
Suffix with "invent" ION
Teenage breakout ACNE
Terrible epithets SLURS
Thing on a guitar's neck FRET
Touchy, sensitive EDGY
Two dozen hours DAY
Two things on humans EARS
U-turn from west EAST
Ukraine resort city YALTA
What comes before "com"? DOT
___ de plume NOM