New York Times - Jun 13 2021

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Clues Answers
$15/hour, e.g WAGE
'... with possibly direr consequences' ORWORSE
'24' and 'Suits' actress, born in Halifax LESLIEHOPE
'Likewise' SAME
'Love is love,' e.g TAUTOLOGY
'Nice burn!' OHSNAP
'Obviously,' in slang NATCH
'Revolution,' to 'Hey Jude' SIDEB
'That'll teach you!' HAH
'Very high,' on a fire danger scale ORANGE
'Where ___ go wrong?' DIDI
15th birthday celebration QUINCEANERA
Abbr. after a price in a Craigslist ad OBO
Actress Lena OLIN
Advocacy grp. that filed for bankruptcy in 2021 NRA
Alberta city named for an eagle-feather headdress MEDICINEHAT
Alternately BYTURNS
Approvals YESES
Approximate weight of the Liberty Bell ONETON
Band whose 1999 hit 'Smooth' spent 12 weeks at #1 SANTANA
Basketball champions' 'trophy' NET
Battle ___ ROYALE
Be batty, in a way? ECHOLOCATE
Biblical verb ending ETH
Big elevator maker OTIS
Bit of asparagus SPEAR
Canuck, e.g., for short NHLER
Capital of Qatar DOHA
Central route thru town MAINST
Classical Icelandic literary work EDDA
Clear weeds, in a way HOE
Climb, as a rope SHIN
Congresswoman Omar ILHAN
Cry after an award is announced SPEECH
Decidedly INDEED
Deploy USE
Desert planet of 'Star Wars' TATOOINE
Dish served on a skewer SATAY
Et ___ (footnote abbr.) SEQ
Excite AMPUP
Federal regulatory org FDA
Financial org. once deemed 'too big to fail' AIG
First word of 'A Visit From St. Nicholas' TWAS
Frederick who composed 'Camelot' LOEWE
German auto since 1899 OPEL
Gillette brand ATRA
Helps a dish washer, say DRIES
High school hurdle whose first two letters, phonetically, sound like one of its former components SAT
Hitchhiker's need LIFT
Instruments for Israel Kamakawiwo'ole UKULELES
International fashion magazine ELLE
Iowa Cubs baseball classification AAA
It may be bitter ALE
It may be perfect or simple, but not both TENSE
Leader of the house? USHER
Leers at OGLES
Level or bevel TOOL
Lex Luthor, to Superman ARCHFOE
Like all the answers with pairs of circled letters, punnily MEHDEINCANADA
Like bees APIAN
Like bells in carillons RUNG
Like Rochester and Syracuse, but not New York City UPSTATE
Like some birds or dolls NESTING
Like some outlets ELECTRICAL
Lines up SYNCS
Lt.'s inferior ENS
M.L.B. team with a big 'W' in its logo NATS
Clues Answers
Mettle that may merit a medal HEROISM
Moneybags FATCAT
Moves quickly and lightly FLITS
Mystery writer Deighton LEN
Newfoundland, e.g.: Abbr ISL
Not only that PLUS
Not ___ (mediocre) SOHOT
Novel convenience? EREADER
Novelist Gaiman NEIL
Oldsmobile Cutlass model CIERA
One source of oil SHALE
One with a phony personality? SIRI
Outlets, e.g STORES
Overturns UPENDS
Pallid ASHEN
Part 'missing' from p.s.i PER
Part of B.A ARTS
Part of L.C.D LEAST
Pears with a sweet-spiced flavor BOSCS
Pigeon English? COO
Portrayer of Senator Vinick on 'The West Wing' ALDA
Pound sound ARF
Pricey STEEP
Princess who says 'Why, you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder!' LEIA
Program introduced by the Trudeau government in 1984, colloquially FREEHEALTHCARE
Programming pioneer Lovelace ADA
Québec's ___ St.-Jean LAC
Range within which you can answer the question 'Can you hear me now?' EARSHOT
Rehearsal, e.g., in slang SESH
Root beer brand MUG
Rose or lilac HUE
Rx order SCRIP
Sardonic WRY
Seasonal destination near Quebec City WINTERICEHOTEL
Seasons in Québec ETES
Serpentine swimmer EEL
Shout, informally HOLLA
Singer Mary J. ___ BLIGE
Six-time winner of the N.H.L.'s Art Ross Trophy, born in Saskatchewan GORDIEHOWE
Sleep stage REM
Snake oil, purportedly CURE
Soft drink since 1905 RCCOLA
Some salon supplies MOUSSES
Something that might lengthen a sentence? PRIOR
Space-scanning org SETI
Stops talking, with 'up' SHUTS
Stops talking, with 'up' CLAMS
Suppliers of the milk for Roquefort cheese EWES
Talks up SELLS
They might help with changing your locks WIGSHOPS
Thrown together SLAPDASH
Title letters chanted in a 2011 Katy Perry hit TGIF
Tomtit is another name for it WREN
Two-player game invented in Toronto TABLEHOCKEY
Veterans OLDPROS
What most spiders have eight of EYES
Woman's short hairstyle BOBCUT
Words at an unveiling? IDO
Words cried after 'Go' GETEM
Writer who created Oz BAUM
You can believe it TENET
Young hombre MUCHACHO
___ Berliner, pioneer in phonograph records EMILE
___ of Parliament ACTS
___ Wars, conflicts of 1839-42 and 1856-60 OPIUM