Boston Globe - Jun 6 2010

Clues Answers
'La Dolce Vita' star EKBERG
'No seats left' SRO
'Real Time' host MAHER
'Skylarking' band XTC
'Where __ go wrong?' DIDI
43 Down complement BOLATIE
Abutter of Sudan CHAD
Accordion folds PLEATS
Airplane wing parts FLAPS
Bad serve FAULT
Baseball's all-time hit-getter ROSE
Bigwig with a baton MAESTRO
Black-and-white swimmer ORCA
Bridges in Hollywood BEAU
Camouflaged, perhaps COVERT
Cape near the Hub ANN
Carole King megahit ITSTOOLATE
Carpenter's horse TRESTLE
Casual negative NOPE
Caught on a prong SPEARED
Cesare or Lucrezia BORGIA
Cheryl in show biz LADD
Chesapeake port NORFOLK
Clement MILD
Como or Victoria LAKE
Completely ready ALLSET
Corkscrew pasta ROTINI
Crumbly cheese FETA
Dizzily spinning AWHIRL
Drover's charges CATTLE
Dude ranch accessory STETSON
Ed of 'Daniel Boone' AMES
Emulate Eminem RAP
Eros, to the Romans AMOR
Exercise with asanas YOGA
Fender-bender mark DENT
Figures at plates UMPS
Fluids in wells INKS
Fly with a bad bite TSETSE
Freshwater duck TEAL
Friend to d'Artagnan ATHOS
Frost or Burns POET
Funfair fare RIDES
Give thumbs up SAYYES
Gliding joint ANKLE
Go to the polls VOTE
Goddess of youth and spring HEBE
Going from first to third, say GRADESKIPPING
Golfing iron MASHIE
Hamlet and kin DANES
Hidden, as eight related pieces in the grid SECRET
Honey of a drink? MEAD
Hue like beige ECRU
Ignatius's place LOYOLA
Important periods ERAS
Improvise as a vocalist SCAT
Interlock MESH
Is only human? ERRS
James of 'Gunsmoke' ARNESS
Jazz piano giant OSCARPETERSON
JFK successor LBJ
King to the French ROI
Kingsley who wrote AMIS
Lennon's 'I'm __' ALOSER
Like a bubble bath SUDSY
Like lees DREGGY
Like some temps PARTTIME
Making few stops EXPRESS
Meter maid in song RITA
Clues Answers
Military address SIR
Mind power ESP
More than one PLURAL
Mount in Thessaly OSSA
Muddled MESSED
Museum pieces WORKSOFART
Muslim prince EMIR
NASA's 'fine' AOK
NBA fumbles TOS
NBC comedy show SNL
Nepal's capital KATMANDU
New Zealand seaport TIMARU
Not in the pink ILL
Not made up REAL
Overstuff SATE
Pacino and Martino ALS
Part of a set of shackles LEGCHAIN
Passing out METING
Pay stub? OLA
People enrolling JOINERS
Perceive in a way FEEL
Pewter element TIN
Pioneering multi-sport star BABEDIDRIKSON
Poetic preposition ERE
Posing subject NUDE
Prefix for twelve DODECA
Prefix on skid NON
Pugilistic affair BOUT
Punk rocker Joey RAMONE
Quit working STOP
Receive grace GETABLESSING
Sch. measures GPAS
Seattle right fielder ICHIRO
Short cut BOB
Siberian pup SAMOYED
Singing Krauss ALISON
Sir Robert the P.M. WALPOLE
Some computer memory CACHESTORAGE
Sort of elitist SNOB
Spanish ayes? SISI
Stevedore in action LADER
Stimulated PRIMED
Stone of azure LAPIS
Surprised cry YELP
Tackles the issue HASATIT
Talk digitally SIGN
Tandoori bread NAAN
Teachers' org. NEA
Teaming up for work YOKING
Teammate of Bird PARISH
Tel. no. add-on EXT
Tellers of tall tales LIARS
That can be crossed FORDABLE
The Boss's address? ESTREET
Tiny speck MOTE
Tolkien race ENTS
Tricker of Othello IAGO
Untie or bend LOOSEN
Upsides MERITS
Used a two-bladed paddle KAYAKED
Vandyke site CHIN
Very sad songs DIRGES
Wall hanging in 'Hamlet' ARRAS
Was far from clement SLEETED
Wash your mouth out GARGLE
Went under SANK
What cost is of cots ANAGRAM
__ majesty (high crime) LESE