Wall Street Journal - Jun 12 2021 - Let’s Make Something Out of What’s in the Kitchen

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Clues Answers
“Dancing With the Stars” judge Goodman LEN
“Game of Thrones” character who winds up as Queen of the North SANSA
“I’m outta here!” GOTTAGO
“Must have been someone else!” NOTME
“Pencils down!” TIME
“Rebel Rebel” singer BOWIE
“Spill it!” DISH
“That’s absolutely awful!” IHATEIT
“What are you in for?” and the like? CANOPENERS
“You wish!” DREAMON
“___ World” (“Sesame Street” segment) ELMOS
Absolutely adore EATUP
Activates POWERSON
Admission of defeat ILOST
Allure alternative ELLE
App follower ENTREE
Approached with confidence STRODEUP
Ask a lot of questions about utilitarianism? PEPPERMILL
Asylum seeker, perhaps EMIGRE
Average of dos and cuatro TRES
Avoid the truth LIE
Backdrop for a romantic dinner SUNSET
Bath location ENGLAND
Be indebted OWE
Better under stress COOLER
Big name in skin care NIVEA
Bread head? CFO
Break cover CAST
Brings to a standstill STOPS
Brown noddy, e.g TERN
Came down hard STOMPED
Charter LET
Chat site managers SYSOPS
Checkout device CARDREADER
Church donation TITHE
Colombian currency PESO
Competes in the ballroom scene VOGUES
Country music’s Travis TRITT
Cynical snicker HEH
Danson of “The Good Place” TED
Dawn goddess EOS
DMX offerings RAPS
Do one’s part? ROLEPLAY
Draw, as attention ATTRACT
Drink with a teppanyaki meal SAKE
Ear-piercing SHRILL
Easternmost of the Balearic Islands MINORCA
Fair feature RIDE
Falcon-headed god HORUS
Fitting APT
Focused ONTASK
Founder’s successor, often SON
Freak out PANIC
Friend of Lando HAN
Fuzzy footwear option UGGS
German way STRASSE
Give a hand DEALIN
Group of directors who slash company spending? CUTTINGBOARD
Harlem theater APOLLO
Hawks’ home ATLANTA
Health class topic: Abbr STD
Hush-hush org NSA
Immune response controllers TCELLS
Is awesome ROCKS
It collapsed in 2001 ENRON
Keeping in the loop CCING
Clues Answers
Kitchen wear APRON
Largest member of the dolphin family ORCA
Latin “Look!” ECCE
Lavishly appointed OPULENT
Le Monde, e.g.? FRENCHPRESS
Leading man? ADAM
Letters before xis NUS
Like 104-Across ALLMALE
Like many dorm room beds UNMADE
Longjing, for one TEA
Looked forward to AWAITED
Macadam binder TAR
Magazine contents AMMO
Margaret Houlihan’s nickname on “M*A*S*H” HOTLIPS
Minecraft material ORE
Mission to gather intel RECON
Monitor letters LCD
Moralistic folks PRIGS
Muss up TOUSLE
Nobel-winning biochemist ___ Cori GERTY
Official messenger HERALD
One of Greece’s Ionian Islands CORFU
One preceder NOON
One who abuses both steroids and fake tanner? ORANGEJUICER
Online payment convenience EWALLET
Pac-12 overseer NCAA
Painter Magritte RENE
Penne ___ vodka ALLA
Perched upon ATOP
Periodontist’s concern GUMS
Pharmacist Lilly ELI
Piece in an IKEA assembly DOWEL
Possible cause of an allergic reaction STING
Possible whodunit motive REVENGE
Pre-kidnappers? EGGPOACHERS
Protrude JUT
Ran without moving IDLED
Reformer of ancient Rome CATO
Regular joint? STOCKPOT
Resort near Park City ALTA
Revolutionary Trotsky LEON
Risk of not warming up CRAMPS
Royal address SIRE
Sauce of butter, cream and Parmesan cheese ALFREDO
School near Windsor Castle ETON
Sea urchin, on a sushi menu UNI
Senior moment? PROM
Sephora competitor ULTA
Shade akin to vermilion NEONRED
Shared capital THEEURO
Shut completely CLOSETIGHT
Signified DENOTED
Skate park trick OLLIE
Snatches away, informally YOINKS
Speed limiter, of a sort PACECAR
Start and end of the Enchanted Circle Scenic Byway TAOS
Steering gear component TIEROD
Strip, as a ship UNRIG
Swiss city, to natives GENEVE
Title character in Pixar’s “The Good Dinosaur” ARLO
Tree with serrated leaves ELM
Try to uncover the truth of what happened to Hook? GRILLPAN
Venetian vehicle GONDOLA
Winner of both comedy and drama Emmys for the same character ASNER
Work through, as a heavily layered statement UNPACK
Zoom along RACE