USA Today - Jul 18 2021

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Clues Answers
'Dream on!' ASIF
'Keep totally still' DONTMOVEANINCH
'Phooey!' DARNIT
'Siren' actress Rena OWEN
'This is bad!' OHNO
'To the guy who invented zero, thanks for nothing,' e.g PUN
'What happened next was . . .' ANDTHEN
Addition total SUM
African antelope GNU
Ask for proof of age CARD
Attempt STAB
Big rig SEMI
Bite-sized pastry TARTLET
Blobfish habitats SEAS
Chimpanzee, e.g APE
City with many streets named 'Peachtree' ATLANTA
Core-strengthening exercise done on all fours BEARCRAWL
Cows chew them CUDS
Dental care brand ORALB
Direction opposite WSW ENE
Distinctive vibe AURA
Diving apparatus SCUBA
Filter option on Yelp OPENNOW
Flowed back EBBED
Gets out ESCAPES
Gets really mad SEETHES
Good friend PAL
Had a brief snooze NAPPED
Haughty person SNOB
Haul to a garage TOW
Have a sip of TASTE
High point APEX
Jazz singer James ETTA
Large passenger ships LINERS
Largest Asian population in Minnesota HMONG
Like karaoke performances SUNG
Clues Answers
Lists of items to discuss AGENDAS
Madrid art museum PRADO
Male deer STAG
Many cartoon mirages OASES
Meditation may help reduce it STRESS
Morning moisture DEW
Ms. ___-Man PAC
Mythical creature with a horn UNICORN
Nile or Salween, e.g RIVER
Noisy insects CICADAS
Part of a wine glass STEM
Perform in a play ACT
Prefix for 'pronouns' NEO
Premature display of holiday merchandise CHRISTMASCREEP
Puerto ___ RICO
Rank above corporal (Abbr.) SGT
Resident of Iran's capital TEHRANI
Saxophone protector CASE
Seat for a queen THRONE
Sheep that sounds like a pronoun EWE
Singer Paula or Natalie COLE
Skin at the base of a fingernail CUTICLE
Small earring STUD
Snare TRAP
Sound of a high-five SLAP
Sounds from happy cats PURRS
Test for some Ph.D. applicants GRE
Throw gently TOSS
Train schedule fig ETD
Understand GRASP
Vicinity AREA
Vietnamese holiday during which 'Gap nhau cuoi nam' is watched TET
Webpage SITE
Withdraw gradually WEAN
Yamiche Alcindor delivers it NEWS
___ candy (catchy, pleasant music) EAR
___ Raton, Florida BOCA