USA Today - Jul 16 2021

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Clues Answers
'For You ___' (Monica hit) IWILL
'Good point' TRUE
'Jojo Rabbit' director Waititi TAIKA
'L.A. Story' star Henner MARILU
'Shea Butter Baby' singer Lennox ARI
1969 Stonewall ___ RIOTS
Aboveboard LEGIT
Absolutely nothing NADA
Abu Dhabi's country UAE
Add-on cost FEE
Against ___ odds ALL
Alabama's country USA
Astonishment AWE
Awareness-raising ad PSA
Baronet's address SIR
Blues guitarist Baker ETTA
Bus prices FARES
Chaotic situation SNAFU
Coerce some money out of EXTORT
Come to deserve EARN
Compartment where a truck driver sits CAB
Concludes ENDS
Confess ADMIT
Creme de la creme ELITE
Cribbage piece PEG
Currency in Greece EURO
Discreetly include on an email BCC
Dwelling also called a ger YURT
Elastic hair tie SCRUNCHIE
Explosive letters TNT
Fill with glee ELATE
Fireplace sights FLAMES
Fish-and-chips fish COD
Flowers-to-be SEEDS
Gaming console for Halo XBOX
Genesis maker SEGA
Go or Indigo BOARDGAME
Helmed LED
Clues Answers
Imagined while sleeping DREAMT
In addition ALSO
Inform TELL
It's much smaller than a gulp SIP
Like the angles in an equilateral triangle ACUTE
Mailed SENT
Mammal that lives underground MOLE
Multiple-choice choice, often OTHER
NWSL official REF
Odor-absorbing stuff in a box KITTYLITTER
On edge TENSE
Opening made in a frozen dinner cover SLIT
Opposite of menos MAS
Opposite of shortest TALLEST
Part of a surfboard or a shark FIN
People with passwords USERS
Perfectly suited IDEAL
Period before the storm CALM
Pie filling that might be vegetarian, despite the name MINCEMEAT
Piece of data STAT
Recorded in a TV studio TAPED
Salad with hard-boiled eggs COBB
Shout after a silly mistake DOH
Stunt bike letters BMX
Super cool RAD
Symbol of gloom RAINCLOUD
The D in CD DISC
The ___ Sutra KAMA
Vegetable with silky leaves BUTTERLETTUCE
Verb on a tea packet STEEP
When a plane is supposed to leave (Abbr.) ETD
When you ___ expect it LEAST
Word before 'sleep' or 'supply' BEAUTY
Word confused with 'their' and 'there' THEYRE
Wordless yes NOD
___ 51 AREA
___ ace (person who is aromantic and asexual) ARO
___ out a win EKE