Irish Times (Simplex) - Jun 12 2021

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Clues Answers
''They are not long, the days of wine and ...'' (Dowson) ROSES
Adhesive GLUE
An older tree? ELDER
Areas for target practice RANGES
Arid area of sand DESERT
Branch of biology that studies the structure of tissue HISTOLOGY
Cause to go somewhere SEND
Changes to suit a new purpose ADAPTS
Character of the alphabet LETTER
Collects in one place GATHERS
Condition added to a legal document RIDER
Disagree DIFFER
Exiles who flee from danger REFUGEES
Expressed opposition through action or words PROTESTED
Gain by working EARN
Gave formally or officially PRESENTED
Group of suburban houses or industrial units ESTATE
Issued a command ORDERED
Clues Answers
Made a gesture of indifference SHRUGGED
Mae sits badly for the French painter MATISSE
Occurrences, happenings EVENTS
Periods after sunset NIGHTS
Puts the ball in play on court SERVES
Recurring and unchanging CONSTANT
Reflections or representations IMAGES
Sanctuary, asylum REFUGE
Smoothed with heat IRONED
Sprang up suddenly LEAPED
Theatrical work DRAMA
Thin slices of bacon RASHERS
Thin, absorbent paper TISSUE
Those people THEM
Tries, endeavours ATTEMPTS
Very strict SEVERE